Project #97888 - term paper

3.5-4 pages double spaced for body only.

Argument must be in bold.

Throughout the course we have studied past eras, the problems they faced and the opportunities they had.  We have learned of the opportunities that were seized and those that were wasted, the failures of past systems, and the advancements that were made politically, socially, and technologically. History is filled with successes, failure, and lessons that can be used for later generations. This paper will be your chance to show what you have learned from these eras and apply it to problems that we are facing today.

1.     Choosing one or two eras from the list below.  You will show problems that the era faced and how those problems were addressed or not addressed. Pick the problems from the era(s) you chose with #2 below in mind. You may also draw on the successes of an era.

Eras: Reconstruction World War I Era, 1920s & Depression, New Deal, Progressive, Gilded Age, WWII, The Cold War, Vietnam and the 1960s.

Show what issues they faced that have had useful information [including, for example, practices, dynamic structures, lessons, methods of persuasion] for facing problems we are facing today. Apply your info and ideas with as much specificity and detail as you can.

Note: You must reference Nace, and Ch 28 in Foner among your other sources.  If you like you can use our new capacities of the information age such as the web and social media in your discussion.


2.            You must choose one or two current problem areas from the following list:

Resource Shortages,


Carbon /Climate Change [You can include the Mc Kibben  Rolling Stone article as one of your sources]


                  Water:  rivers, ocean acidification, pollution, shortages

                  Soil, toxic chemicals

Over Population

Social Breakdown around the world

Increasing Economic Inequality

Problems from Corporate & other Globalization

Racism and intergroup tensions

Political failures or weaknesses or blockages in govt, &  a corrupt, money ridden election system.

Maintaining personal freedom and privacy rights in an age of the surveillance state (& the big data industry) & terrorism


Use dates, specifics,  figures,  and techno economic  periodizations as well as you can. So, lots of specifics, and thinking & strategizing on your part. Remember, this is your final statement in this class, so make it as good as you can. Strut that history!

For the historical parts from the earlier periods we covered, you may use only the assigned readings, PPTs, in class films without further written permission from the instructor.

International exchange students who get professors specific permission, you may use your country’s situation when dealing with today’s problems,  but you MUST use US history we have covered to look at lessons from the past.


Absolute maximum of 10% quoted material, and even that must be justifiable. I.e. have reasons you couldn’t put it in your own words.

Number your papers pages.

You may NOT share your written exam notes or exam outline or essay drafts with any classmate before handing the paper in. Nor may you read theirs.


First, MAKE an outline.

Let yourself write a bit more than you will submit, and then edit it down a page or two. Cite sources in ENDNOTES including page #’s.  Endnote all information that is not common knowledge, using page numbers.



Just a Few Reminders

1.     * Your name, History 110, and class number must be in the top right hand side of your paper.

2.    *  Paper length is 4 1/2 to 5 pages double spaced NOT including your endnotes page

3.     * Pages are numbered

4.     * Use endnotes for citation and include the page number of where you got the information

5.     * Argument must be in bold.

6.     * Maximum of 10% quoted material.  Try to paraphrase instead.

7.     * For the historical part from the periods covered in class, you can ONLY use the assigned readings, PPTs, in class films without further approval from the instructor.


8.     * You must reference Nace, and CH 28 in Foner among the other sources.


Subject History
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/09/2015 12:00 am
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