Project #97858 - Industrial Safety


Week 1 DQ Responses:

1. Response:


"The World Bank, which provides a vital source of financial and technical assistance t developing countries around the world, selected AlliedBarton Security Services as its physical security services provider in April 2008. AlliedBarton security officers are trained to respond quickly to accidents and emergences, contact the appropriate authorities as needed, report details and administer first aid while taking necessary actions to keep victims and bystanders safe." ??


What are the primary responsibilities of security officers as first responders? Which responsibility do you believe is most important? Why?




Security Officers Service As First Responders In Emergency Situations. (2009). Security Products, (), 2. Retrieved from



2. Response:


"An organization's climate provides employees with cues regarding what behaviors and outcomes will be reinforced, or alternatively punished, within the organization. When an organization displays clear signals demonstrating the importance of safety that will send the message to employees that they should focus on safety compliance."??


How does organizational culture influence worker compliance with safety standards? Provide an example.??



3. Response to: Secuirty in schools


In some schools, security responses to the threat of armed attacks such as barring windows and controlling access points with metal detectors are criticized for resembling a prison environment rather than a learning environment.




 Natural Hazards and Accidents


Effective, comprehensive school emergency management plans use an all-hazards approach to assess and address natural hazards, such as infectious diseases and illnesses, fire, and seismic and weather-related events (e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods). Such hazards can affect the safety of elementary and secondary school employees and students, as well as the facility's ability to carry out normal operations.


Target Violence


In addition to threats posed by extreme acts of nature or man-made accidents, elementary and secondary schools are vulnerable to preplanned attacks of targeted violence committed by individuals using a variety of tactics to inflict harm on a school community.




Cyber Threat




Review your school website for personal or sensitive facility information that could be seen, accessed, and used by individuals intending to harm the school community. In addition, monitor and report suspicious "probing activity," intrusion or hacking to your website, servers or other electronic systems.




We also look for Suspicious   behaviors like


Persons attempting to gain access into the school or who are located in the school building with no legitimate purpose


• Persons using or carrying video/camera/observation equipment in or near the facility over an extended period


• Persons parking, standing, or loitering in the same area over a multiple-day period with no apparent reasonable explanation


• Persons excessively inquiring about practices pertaining to the school and its operations or the school's supporting infrastructure (telecommunications, electric, natural gas, water)


A noted pattern of false alarms requiring a response by law enforcement or emergency service




  • Question: Does anyone think teachers, with the proper training and within the guidelines of the law, should be able to have a concealed firearm? Would that cause more or less trouble?





4. Response:


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) this is a valuable tool for every security officer to know when securing a site and can save your job if unfortunate events rise to the occasion. This booklet provides all the hazardous material located in all the departments that store, use, or transport items deemed dangerous when exposed to humans or environment. Even small amounts of cleaning solutions stored in a single door locker are required to post this important details of information for inspection and understanding. I have covered many sites as a current 12 year security officer and came across some substances that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention. The MSDS is clear and easy to understand in its methodology for listing chemicals, raw materials, storage/transport instructions and reactions to spills/leaks/other. The only concern is if it is not updated on a regular basis. Training on this item is accountable not just for the security personnel but those overseeing the area of operations of any organization. MSDS and OSHA standards go hand and hand to help increase the knowledge for all workers in the prevention and protection of a breach in hazardous materials. The more training learned the better prepared one is to defeat the madness of chaos. 




  • Question:  Is MSDS a form of administrative control? Does anyone have experience using MSDS?



5. Response:


Security managers should implement first responder training and certification into their DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan). If security managers cannot afford to get adequate first responder training for all members of their staff, they should at least try to get a percentage of personnel trained and accredited in a first responder course. Many times managers cannot afford to get all personnel trained as first responders due to budget constraints. A good method is to have a select few security personnel qualified in a train the trainer course, allowing them to train other members of the security department and other key employees on the fundamentals of being a first responder. There are many organizations that offer free training that would allow you to get around budget concerns. This form of training can be applied to both a work environment as well as everyday life. Most states have a Good Samaritan law that protects individuals from civil and criminal charges if something goes wrong during an attempted rescue. In mass casualty situations most of the rules go out the window; you focus on who and what you can save. Most potential situations or crises and their responses should be covered in the DRP. As security managers it is our responsibility to stress the various forms of training needed for basic personnel and higher management in order to protect our employees, clients and facilities.


Question: Different organizations all have a different set of needs with respect to safety and security.  Most employers use administrative control to aid them in complying with safety and security mandates.




Who can define administrative controls and give us an example?




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