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The medical assistant employed at the doctor’s office was scratched on the hand last week by her kitten, and the scratch subsequently became infected.  The office was very busy this week with patients, and the medical assistant assisted with 10 Category I minor surgical procedures. Three days later, six of the 10 surgical patients returned to the office with infected surgical sites.


1. How might the patients have been infected?


2.  What steps should the medical assistant have taken to prevent these infections?


3.  How does the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard apply to the medical assistant?


4.  If the medical assistant did not observe the regulation, what penalties, if any, could be imposed by OSHA?   


part 2


, research diabetic diet exchanges and prepare a travel diet for a diabetic patient. Suggestions for research include the American Diabetes Association or American Dietetic Association. Please cite your sources. 






2. Imagine that you are a preformed, immune protein that has been injected into the body of a person recently exposed to a disease. What are you? What work will you do in the body? What disease or diseases are you being sent to treat



part 3


Plagiarism is a common error that is made in colleges and universities whether intentional or not. Please download this assignment and insert your answers beneath each question, then save and submit your work as Plag._Ex_Your Name.

Below, you will complete an assignment where you will be required to review an excerpt from a journal article written by Martha Snyder. After reading the excerpt and reviewing all of the materials in the Reading & Study folder, please complete the questions related. Do not neglect to include citations as needed.

In order to provide some clarification, please see the definitions below:

·         Paraphrase: When you paraphrase something, it means that you are restating the facts in your own words, clarifying facts, or rewording.

·         Summary: A summary requires that you take a passage or excerpt and break it down into the most basic points. To use a common metaphor, you are trimming the fat. The reader should be left with only the major points.

·         Quotation: A quotation requires that you take a portion of the text and replicate it exactly. This can be anywhere from 3 words to an entire sentence.

Part One: 30 Points

For the assignment, write as though each answer is a portion of your Adult Learning Theory Paper. Everything should be in current APA format (where necessary). Please read the excerpt below and answer the questions.

In an effort to better understand how adults learn, adult learning theories are derived to help theorists and practitioners by providing workable and testable explanations of the learning process. These theories seek to explain how the process of learning as an adult differs from learning as a child. They focus on describing how various social, psychological, emotional, and physiological factors affect adult learning. To that end, ideas generated by educators, sociologists, and psychologists all contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the adult learner and how to create a learning environment that is most suitable to their unique needs (Snyder, 2009).


1.      In your own words, write the best paraphrase of the passage above. Include a citation.

2.      In your own words, write the best summary of the passage above.

3.      As though you are working on your paper, rewrite your summary or paraphrase to include a quotation from the passage above. Make sure you cite all of the information that needs to be cited.

Part Two: 20 Points

Below in bold is an original quotation from a journal article written by Barbara Stewart and Consuelo Waight. Review the original excerpt and, then, the different versions. For each version, indicate whether or not it is plagiarized. If it is plagiarized, please explain and be as detailed as possible.

Version 1 and 2 are worth 5 points and the Version 3 is worth 10 points.

ORIGINAL: “It is imperative that e-learning teams pay attention to their learners’ histories, cultures, and values in regards to e-learning and the content at hand.  By paying keen attention to these areas, e-learning teams can uncover those meaningful facets that can make learning relevant and authentic and which can motivate learners to learn” (Stewart & Waight, 2008, p. 297).


VERSION 1: It’s very important that online learning teams take notice of their students’ cultures, values, and histories as it relates to the course and online education. By noticing this in detail, online learning teams can discover the important things that make learning current and real. It will also help them motivate students in education.

Is this plagiarized? Why or why not?


VERSION 2: Motivating learners to learn is very important in e-learning situations. There are ways that e-learning teams can uncover meaningful facets that can make education relevant and authentic. It’s imperative that e-learning teams pay attention to their learner’s histories, cultures, and values (Stewart & Waight, 2008).

Is this plagiarized? Why or why not?


VERSION 3: Use the original version above and rewrite a short paragraph using the passage. You can choose to paraphrase, summarize, or quote the original. This is worth 10 points, so be careful.


The Plagiarism Exercise is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.








Snyder, M. M. (2009, 53(1)). Instructional-Design Theory to Guide the Creation of Online Learning Communities for Adults. TechTrends: Linking Research & Practice to Improve Learning, 45-57.

Stewart, B., & Waight, C. (2008). E-Learning Teams and Their Adult Learning Efforts in Corporate Settings: A Cross Analysis of Four Case Studies. International Journal on E-Learning, 7(2), 293-309.






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