Project #972 - The Fall of the House of Usher

For this assignment, you will prepare a powerpoint presentation of 20-25 slides. Each slide should contain the answers to the questions below as well as applicable graphics. Citations for quotes, references and graphics should be listed on your last slide.

1) Read the different components and definitions for plot

2) Read the short story 'The Fall of the House of Usher' by Edgar Allan Poe 

3) Respond to the short answer questions below

4) Explore the irony and symbolism in the short story

5) Write and explain the plot Line of the short story

6) Explain the plot line for your own short story and add it to your portfolio file.


Plot: A plot line contains the following components:

Introduction: Is when the characters, setting and beginning of the story occurs. This part of a short story needs to grab the readers attention.

Rising Action: When a turn of events occurs in the short story which leads up to the climax.

Climax: Is the pivotal turn of events in a short story when a dramatic situation occurs. This usually involves the protagonist and antagonist. There could be a conflict, dilemma or loss.

Falling Action: Occurs after the climax when a resolution to the conflict or drama is starting to emerge.

Denouement: Is the conclusion of the story where a resolution is made. At times a surprise ending can occur here where the reader is not expecting the conclusion to be what it is. There can also be an indeterminate endingwhere the problem is not resolved by the end of the story which leaves you the reader 'hanging'. For example, in Bourne Ultimatum, Matt Damon is seen being shot at from a roof top before diving into the water below to escape his followers. This leaves the viewer questioning the conclusion and the meaning behind what occured.

A) Short Answers: Please respond to the following questions in short answer responses of at least 4-5 sentences each with the use of a direct quote from the short story to support your answers

1) Analyze the description of the setting provided by the narrator, what kind of atmosphere is created? What are the images the narrator instills in your mind to solidify the atmosphere?

2) What is the name of the proprietor of the House of Usher? How do he and the narrator know each other?

3) What kind of illness does the proprietor of the mansion suffer from and why did the narrator go to visit him?

4) How is the proprietor's bedroom a metaphor of himself? Describe the room and explain.

5) How are Lady Madeline and the proprietor related? Does the proprietor and Lady Madeline have a close relationship? Support your response with direct evidence from the short story.

6) Read the ballad. Does it relate somewhat to the proprietor of the Manson and his life? How?

7) What does the proprietor ask the narrator to help him with when it comes to Lady Madeline? Where do they take Lady Madeline's body? Describe the proprietor's reaction to the scenario.

8) Provide three titles of the books that the narrator read to the proprietor. What were some of the themes that were explored in the novels that the narrator chose to read? How does this relate to the proprietor's recent mental state and health?

9) What is the final story that Edgar reads to the proprietor? What does he hear as he is reading the story and who appears at the door upon him reading?

10) Who appeared at the door and what happened to the proprietor once he saw the figure? What was the reaction by the narrator and what happened to the mansion at the end of the short story?

11) Were you surprised by the plot and the conclusion? Why or why not?

You should also include in your powerpoint the information requested below. How you integrate it into your presentation is up to you.

B) What is the Plot Line? For this portion of the assignment you must outline the plot line of this short story and also outline the plot line of your own short story which you will write at the end of this module.

C) Irony and Symbolism: Take your time and read the definitions for irony and symbolism below. Then, based on the short story, write a 150-200 word paragraph about how both irony and symbolism helped in supporting the theme of the short story. Be sure to identify what the exact theme of this short story is.

Irony- Is when an outcome of events is the opposite of what is to be expected.

Symbolism: Is the use of objects which provide a hidden meaning. For example, dove= peace, lily=death.


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/16/2012 12:00 am
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