Project #96908 - essay on one chronic disease

Due DECEMBER 5th  ( 100 points final paper

100 points power point)

The final presentation in Health 101 requires you to combine all of the information you have learned over the course of the semester about various health careers and issues.  You will write a 3-5 page paper addressing a major health issue or chronic disease prominent in Massachusetts. You will design an intervention or plan to help reduce that disease using an allied health care professional role. ( for example you address obesity and use a dietician who would work with school lunch programs to reduce fat content and increase fiber- or work with the P.E teachers in health and gym to increase activities) You will then apply this information to a health-related issue, of your choice, in your community, and create a power point to demonstrate the problem with visuals graphs and data. 


Assignment Expectations:

  • You will have to discuss a chronic disease/ health issue and career makes most sense to focus on for this project. Final paper 3-5 pages.
  • You are expected to have two products for your final:

        a. final paper

b.Power point presentation


Formatting/Structural Expectations

There are two components required:

  • Final Paper

A. Power point/Final Papers 

    • Health Issue/Problem & Scope of Problem: Clearly stated in words  (what is it, how big is it)
    • Data:  1)There is at least one graph showing data that describes the problem,  2)Interpret how the graph/data affects your issue.
    • Health Profession: Clearly identify (visual or words), how this person can help solve problem
    • Educational Path: Clearly identify (visual or words) the education needed to enter this health profession
    • Proposed Solution: 1) Clearly state in words what your proposed solution is to this health issue; 2) How will you in your future healthcare profession help solve the problem
    • Images: There are at least 2 images on your power point helping to describe the problem or solution
    • Works Cited:
      • 1. 1 Page Typed document attached to your poster [this can include citations for both the poster and the presentation]
      • Include research from at least TWO different sources; E.G. two different reasonable internet sites [see handout for help] or a library resource/catalog/journal and the internet, books.
        • Wikapedia does NOT count as a source!
      • CITE All sources-using MLA Style
    • *****FLOW/READABILITY: Your power point  and it’s content should FLOW, Tell a Story, Make Sense, such that:
      • Anyone should be able to read it, and understand what you are talking about, why it’s important and how each Item on the poster (Image, Text, Graph etc. ) is connected to the other items.  
      • I expect you to make connections between information on your power point in a clear, succinct way that demonstrates what you have learned this semester with respect to making connections between different information sources and ideas, using critical thinking and analytical skills, and using research skills to build an effective power point presentation.





Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/02/2015 12:00 am
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