Project #96769 - Discussion (Health care)

There are two discussion. Please read the instructions carefully. 

Discussion 1


Select one of the topics from the list below, different from another student’s choice. Best to get in early to get your choice before it is taken. 1. Research and discuss the use of the management tool in a specific health organization.  2. Discuss the purpose of the management tool, structure or process as it relates to federal or state law. 3. Provide associated detail about how it operates and the role of management. Include the link to the article after providing a full paragraph description.  Provide citation of authority to support your initial response to conference questions. 


·         Financial & Audit Committee Oversight

·         Pharmacy & Therapeutics (Formulary and Processes of Care)

·         Customer Experience Offices- Continuous Feedback

·         Blood Safety Committee (Protocol Development)

·         Tissue & Organ Committee (Protocol Development)

·         Utilization Review Committee

·         Credentialing Committees/Offices with Protocols

·         Institutional Review Board

·         Employee Contracts

·         Patient Consent Documents

·         Electronic Medical Records for Quality Control

·         Protocols for Patient Hand-offs across Shift personnel and between organizations

·         Personnel Training in critical areas

·         Patient engagement on care committees

·         Employee Health & Safety Committee Campaigns

·         Dashboards and indicators of clinical measures

·         Critical Event Analysis-Response Team

·         After Action Reviews for Program Improvement

·         Big Data Analytics for QC

·         Exit Interviews


·         Using Accreditation Site visits to improve Operations


Discussion 2


Bow-Tie Analysis is one of many effective tools for communicating risk assessment.  Discuss the bow-tie method and then provide another specific example of an effective tool that hospitals use for risk assessment. Which one would you implement in your area and why? Must provide specific examples of each being used and results. Discuss in what areas you feel a risk management analysis could be effective and why?  Provide citation of authority to support your initial response to conference questions.  


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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/02/2015 12:00 am
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