Project #96528 - Sociology Reading and Questions

Enclosed is the link needed in order to answer the questions to the assignment.


if this link does not know then its free on googlr. pdf file.




Read Racism and Research: the Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study by Allan M. Brandt .  After reading, answer the questions from below.  You must use the format below to answer each question.


·         Assignment will consist of cover sheet


·        Using  APA format


·        Each question must be at least 1 paragraph


·        A Work Cited/Bibliography page 


NOTE: To acquire a copy of the Brandt article referenced above, follow this path:  


  • Log on to

  • Type in article title above.

  • Click on the second citation listed and you should find a complete copy of the Brandt article.

  • Download a hard copy for reference.     




Question 1:


In your own words, write 1-2 paragraphs describing the events presented in the essay.  Answer each of the following specific questions in your response:


           a.   What were the main discussion points of the essay?


           b.   What were the results and consequences of the study?


           c.   Would it be acceptable to replicate this study today?  Why? or Why not?


           d.   Was this study ethical/unethical? Explain why.


LEAP Rubric: Communication, Social Responsibility, Empirical/Quantitative


Question 2: (See Chapter 2 in text for explanation of the three major perspectives)


Using one of the three major sociological perspectives presented in this course (Functional, Conflict,  or Interactionist), explain the events described in the essay. For the sociological perspective you choose, apply the perspective to the article and draw one or more conclusions from your analysis.


LEAP Rubric: Critical Thinking




            Question 3:




Connect what you read in the essay to any material presented in this course – be sure to use at least 3-5 terms from the text/lecture. 


LEAP Rubric: Communication




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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/28/2015 12:00 am
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