Project #96490 - Entrepreneur

Now is your opportunity to discover another key entrepreneur in the development of United States culture and technology. Research the contributions of another American, including the person's background and personal characteristics that helped shape their success. You may choose the format for presenting your findings; some examples include PowerPoint, blog, video, podcast. There are many 21st century tools available for effective collaboration and communication in the online environment.


You may select a person from the list below, or obtain pre-approval from your instructor to choose someone else. 


Are you interested in. . . 


  • Joan Ganz Cooney—innovator in children's television
  • Ted Turner—cable television
  • Michael Bloomberg—publishing and television
  • Mark Cuban—media and sports 


  • James Chu—innovator in computer monitors
  • Michael Dell—personal computers
  • David Karp—Tumblr

Retail or fashion?

  • Michael Kors—fashion designer
  • R.H. Macy—department stores
  • Sam Walton—retail box stores
  • Betsey Johnson—fashion designer


  • PT Barnum—circus entertainer
  • Rachael Ray—entertainment and cooking products
  • Tony Hawk—fashion and sports
  • Willie Robertson—TV personality and businessman


  • Warren Buffet—investor
  • Wayne Huizenga—businessman 

Food Industries?

  • George W. Jenkins—Publix founder
  • Debbie Fields—Mrs. Fields Cookies
  • George Foreman—Foreman Grills

Something Else? 

  • Jim Shore—Seminole Tribe official
  • Micky Arison—travel and sports 
  • Talk with your instructor about other ideas you might have

Presenting Your Research

You may choose the format for your presentation; examples include PowerPoint, blog, video, or podcast. In your presentation, be sure to include:

  1. A brief biography (minimum one paragraph of text or audio). Include answers to the following questions:
    1. When and where was the person born? 
    2. What kind of opportunities did the person have growing up? 
    3. What is the social, cultural, and ethnic background of the person?
    4. How did the person's background influence his or her choices or outcomes?
  2. A description of the person's contributions (minimum two paragraphs of text or audio). Include answers to the following questions:
    1. What did the person do that is memorable? 
    2. How has their work helped shape American society?
    3. Did the person have to alter his or her plans along the way? Explain.
    4. What did you learn about this person that will affect or inspire your own life in some way?
  3. An example of how the person followed the "HUNT"—provide one example for each of the four parts.
  4. A "Works Cited" page. Include a list of the books, websites, or other references where you found information. Be sure to include your sources in MLA format.


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2015 12:00 am
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