Project #96372 - College pressure


Formal Essay #2– College Pressures
Combining your own ideas with those from an outside source. PLEASE SEE SYLLABUS FOR DUE DATES

MINIMUM of THREE full double-spaced typed pages (not 2-1/2, 2-3/4, etc.). The third page must be a full page. Your APA formatted cover page is not included in the page count (so it would be a fourth page). Short papers will be downgraded.

Learning objectives:
• How to summarize and paraphrase another writer’s work.
• How to avoid a specific type of plagiarism (using another’s words as your own). • How to express ideas clearly and choose words carefully.
• How to successfully combine first and third person writing.
• How to clearly differentiate between an author's ideas and your own.
• How to use transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and ideas
• How to properly integrate quotes.

Readings: To write this formal essay, you must first read the following, which are posted on Moodle:

“College Pressures” by William Zinsser and “The Social Network” by Adam Liebendorfer.

Your assignment
Your thesis will answer this prompt (also called a “research question”): What are the predominant college pressures among Woodbury students in general, OR within a specific group (for example, international students, those from a specific culture or major, etc.)? The body of your essay will support (prove) your thesis with supporting evidence provided from your own personal experiences and observations, as well as the ideas of Zinsser and/or Liebendorfer.

Your essay should be 5 - 8 paragraphs in length and contain an introduction, a thesis statement, a well-developed of body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion. Your imagined “audience” will include students both inside and outside this class, as well as instructors. You must write your essay in such a way that people unfamiliar with Zissner’s and/or Liebendorfer’s writing will understand both their ideas and your own.

You must paraphrase and quote either Zissner, Liebendorfer, or both in your essay.
You should include your own personal experiences
OR the experiences of others. You should change the names

of the other students you interview to ensure their privacy.

You should have between 3 to 5 quotes in your essay; no quote can be longer than three lines. These quotes can be from Zissner, Leibendorfer, or other Woodbury students.

Your essay should use APA formatting, but you do not need APA citations.

Purpose: This essay is basically a persuasive essay, in that you will be persuading your audience to believe your point-of-view. Your paragraphs may use patterns of definition (you will need to define certain pressures), examples (your own, Zinsser’s, and your friends), cause and effect (you will be proving how certain situations and events can lead to pressure), and compare/contrast (you will be comparing and/or contrasting the pressures of WU students with those that Zinsser describes). 

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 12/02/2015 12:00 pm
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