Project #96365 - Report Assignment ( American Government)

Deadline: Your paper is due not later than November 30, 2015, at 11:59pm. Early papers are welcome.

Visit three of the following national media Web sites to answer questions one through five below. Compare the news coverage between ONE of the newspaper  (New York Times, Washington Post or Los Angeles Times) and ANY TWO of the other news media web sites. Visit the sites in rapid succession (within one hour) to get a viable comparison within same time frame.

New York Times -

Washington Post -

Los Angeles Times -



Fox News -

ABC News -

CBS News -

BBC News -

National Public Radio -

New York Times -

Washington Post -

Los Angeles Times -


1. Which three Web sites did you visit?

2. What were the top three stories on each of the three Web? Answering this question means you will identify a total of 9 stories, 3 from each website.

3. How close or similar were the topics of the top three stories from each media outlet ? In other words, did each one media outlet have the same three leads or headline stories? Or were there differences? If so, what were those differences?

4. Compare and contrast the coverage of the top three stories from each media outlet. Did each media outlet emphasize the same things? (Provide examples.) Was one more positive or more negative than the others? (Provide examples.) Did they quote the same people? (Provide examples.) Did they provide the same basic information, or did you learn more from one than another? (Provide specifics.)

5. Be sure to use the material in your text in answering this question. What do the lead three stories from each media outlet tell you about the mass media in their role as "agenda setters" ? Be specific. What examples did you see of "priming" ? What examples did you see of "framing"? Be specific. In your view, what should you as a media consumer do to mitigate the media's power as agenda centers who can frame issues and prime their audience to see issues in a certain way? Agenda setting and priming are key concepts you need to explain and apply in answering the questions in part 5. 

Report Instructions

You must follow the instructions provided here.

DOCUMENTATION: You MUST use MLA citation format. MLA uses “parenthetical documentation” in the narrative of your paper and  “ Works Cited” lists as explained below. 

Before you start writing your paper, you are required to first read the following tutorial on “How to use MLA.” Cut and paste the link below into your browser address bar to get to the tutorial.

Also, review carefully the tutorial you completed for your orientation: “How to avoid plagiarism.” This can be found by cutting and pasting the following link to your browser address bar

SOURCES: The only sources you must use are the one newspaper you chose, the two other news media sources you chose, and your textbook, especially chapter 6. Do not to use any other research sources. Using any other sources or outside sources will result in automatically failing the paper.

FOR QUESTIONS 3, 4, AND 5: Answer each of these questions with well-written essays. Do not submit one-paragraph essays, lists, or outlines. Each of these essays must contain proper writing style, including the proper use of grammar and punctuation, the proper use of MLA documentation (see Documentation and sources listed on a works cited page (each essay for questions 3,4, and 5 will have their own separate works cited page).

The answer to question 3 should be 200-350 words and the answers to questions 4 and 5 should each be between 350-500 words.

ORGANIZATION OF THE PAPER: Answer each of the five questions in numerical order and underline and capitalize each of the question numbers as follows. For example, answer QUESTION 1 before QUESTION 2. Type and Underline "QUESTION 1" before your answer and do the same with "QUESTION 2" and each question thereafter.

Be sure to double space between each of the essay answers to the questions. For example, after you finish your answer to question 1, double space, then type in caps and underline “QUESTION 2” and begin typing your answer to question 2.

FORMAT: Your essays must be typed, 12-point font, and single-spaced, except between answers. On the upper right corner of the first page, place your Name, your section number, Report  Assignment,  Govt 2305, and the date.

DUE DATE: Your paper is due not later than November 30, 2015, at 11:59pm. No late assignments accepted. You are encouraged to submit your paper early. 

Be sure to keep one copy of the paper you submit.


SUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT BY CLICKING ON THE HOT LINK "REPORT ASSIGNMENT" AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. You should then write your essay in a word processor. When you finish, then cut and paste your entire essay into the space created when you click the "write submission" link found under "assignment submission." After you have completed all of these steps and you are sure you copied and pasted your entire essay into the space created by clicking on "write submission," click on "submit" in the lower right-hand corner. Do not be concerned if your formatting changes. I can fix it when I receive it.

EVALUATION STANDARDS FOR GRADING TERM PAPERS: I look for how well you meet the following standards:

1. Responsiveness to the assignment: did you follow all directions?

2. Command of information: did you demonstrate accurate knowledge of the relevant concepts and facts?

3. Analysis: did you use and explain concepts, specific examples and facts with logical relationships, with basic definitions, and clarity.

4. Specificity: did you present your thoughts using concrete, specific examples accurately and precisely.

5. Coherence and writing: Did you write you essays with clarity and coherence? Did you write well-constructed sentences and paragraphs? For questions 3, 4, and 5, do not write one-paragraph essays, lists, or outlines. Write a narrative essay with sentences and paragraphs. Did you demonstrate proper grammar, syntax, style, and MLA citation and documentation?

GRADING: I will award a maximum of 30 points. I look for how well you meet the above requirements, how well you write, based on grammar, spelling, and writing style, and how well you follow all the assignment instructions.

a. Excellent (27-30 points): You follow all of the instructions. Your citations comply with MLA format. You write with clarity and logical coherence, with no spelling, grammar, or style mistakes. You present a detailed analysis drawing upon the concepts from the assigned readings in an accurate and logically coherent manner.

b. Good (24-26 points): You follow most of the instructions. There are some spelling, grammar, and writing style mistakes that distract from the clarity and quality of your comparative narrative. You use few concepts to develop your comparative analysis. You make some mistakes in your MLA citations.

c. Fair (18-23 points): You follow few of the instructions. You present the comparative narrative in a superficial, cursory fashion. There are numerous spelling, grammar, and style mistakes. There are numerous mistakes in your use of MLA citation.

d. Poor (17 or less points): You failed to submit the assignment according to the instructions. You obviously didn’t do the reading, and wrote the assignment at the last minute (before submission) or wrote the essay based on little or no effort.


Subject Law
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/29/2015 05:00 pm
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