Project #96185 - Sociology

Save the Future!

It’s a typical Tuesday.  Class is about to begin.  Everyone is waiting for the professor to arrive, sifting through note, adjusting their books, making small talk, or preparing for lecture when without warning…a sizzling cloud of static fills the center of the room and slowly a figure materializes right in front of the class.  A middle aged man in some kind of a uniform-jumpsuit steps out of the “cloud.”  No sooner has he done this that he collapses to the floor.  One of your classmates approaches him to see if he is okay.

 “I’m dying” He says with difficulty.  “Something went wrong…we’d never tried it before.”

“Never tried what?  Where are you from, how did you do that?” asks the student. 

 “From the future…look there is not much time.  You…it has to be you…” he says through his pain.  “You all have to find the answer.” He says motioning to the rest of the class.

“What answer?”

“You must find a way to reorganize your economy…our…economy.  The future of human kind depends on it.”  The man seems to lose consciousness.

“No, please sir!  What do you mean?” 

“I’m sorry, I have to return.  They may be able to save me.  We can’t come back…too much risk to the space-time continuum.  Look to the past…the past.  The answer is in the past.  The President…your president already knows…and…now you know.”

The man seems to lose consciousness again but snaps back awake as if he has had a terrible nightmare or has remembered some ghastly event.

“Sociology!  Anthropology!”

“Sir, I think we must get you too a doctor…” cries the student.

“No!  There is no time for that!  You must save your future now…the environment is bad…must create equality…must go back…must go back.  Robot! Forage…Peoples…capitalism…”  He grunts fighting the pain. 

 He presses a button on his chest

“It’s your mission.  It CAN be done.  You must find the way…I’m sorry I have to go…”   

With that the man begins to fade away like a fuzzy image on a video screen.  Finally he disappears with a pop and all that is left is a sliver of smoke in the center of the room.

On the floor in the place where the man was lying is a single piece of paper.  On it is written one single word:


As the class’ attention is squarely focused on the note, the silence is broken by the alarm of a ringing cell phone one of your classmates forgot to silence for class.

On the other end of the line is someone from the Office of the President.  Evidently they were able to watch the whole thing on a video monitor in the Oval Office setup by the strange visitor.  

“We think this message is genuine.  You have been chosen, it’s up to you.

“Our team has already analyzed the tape of the event.  Hey, we are the government!  We do stuff like that…Anyway, we feel it is important that we leave this up to you.  They chose you for some reason.

“But we have supplied the following list of the main clues he mentioned.   We all agree that they may help you get started.

“We think some of these may be connected.  It was too hard to tell from what he said.  An internet search might reveal relationships or it might not.  We just don’t know.  Just know this…our entire generation, and generations yet unborn seem to be counting on you.

“Find the connections between these clues and save our future.  Good luck.”


















“Look to the past”

Subject General
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/26/2015 09:00 pm
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