Project #9611 - research anthology

Due DATE For Research Anthology is July 26: Please post the 3 works you will be using for your research anthology. Please Post Your SELECTIONS by JULY 20th to this Discussion Thread.

1 poem

1 short story

1 play or essay


*****Please post your 3 selections. Please draft (1) paragraph as to why you have selected a specific piece.****

Writing of Anthology.

Please begin drafting your 3 responses or (alternatively) an integrative essay for the research anthology.  You may want to follow a similar theme for all three pieces. If so, you may therefore want to write an essay examining the theme of the three selections instead of writing separate analytical reflections.

Component One:


You are to select three pieces of literature that you enjoy. The pieces are to be as follows: a short story a poem a play or essay. The selections cannot be ones that we have read in class, and they need not be by the same author. You may use any piece that is in our anthology or any other work you find in a library search.


You must draft one page (at least)  for each of the selections.


 The writing must


a. Summarize the plot/meaning of the selection. This should be thought of as an analytical, critical or interpretive endeavor. The summary should highlight representations and symbolic meanings encountered in the text along with some insight into character formation and plot, as well as moral, social and psychological conflicts subsumed within your chosen literary genre.


b. Use MLA in text citation to show how specific quotes reflect the meaning of the pieces.


c. explain why you have selected the piece.

Component 2:


You must write an essay in which you talk about one of the author's from a piece you have selected in your anthology.  You are to focus on why the author wrote the piece. You may decide to focus your thesis on


why the author wrote in such a genre.


the life of the author and how such parallels the work you studied or other works by the writer.


a literary technique or component the writer works with in the piece and how such technique was utilized well or not so well by the writer.


** This essay is not a biographical sketch. But a study of the author and his/her work. The essay must include a thesis that argues a specific point about the author and his/her work. Review the lectures and notes related to the Short Story Anthology, Week 2 and Week 3. The essay component of this Research Anthology is a return to the the analytical and structural themes encountered in the Short Story discussions, lectures and papers.

The essay must

 Be 2-3 pages, double spaced.


Include a thesis statement, which outlines a particular aspect or significant contribution that the writer has made to literature.


Include at least  2 secondary sources.  The primary source is the work written by the author.  Therefore at least 3 sources should be cited on the Works Cited Page


Include a Works Cited page. (The Works Cited page should also include the works for  component one.)


Use MLA documentation (in text) -- Refer to Hacker.



Formatting the Research Anthology

Your final anthology  paper should:

be double-spaced

include a title page on which you list the 3 selections and the author you have selected

include your name, course number, and date on the title page

include a works cited page

for quotations longer than four typed lines of prose or three lines of verse

indent each line one inch (or ten spaces) from the left margin

double-space between the body of the paper and the quotation

double-space the lines of the quotation


Use MLA standards. Standard documentation formats is expected in academic and professional writing circles.

Please e-mail with any questions or comments.


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 07/26/2013 12:00 am
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