Project #95989 - Developing body paragraphs

One fully developed formal body paragraph, including evidence, about the Effectiveness of Advertising. Here is the beginning of a sample how is should look like (mine is a different subject though): Body Paragraph: Food advertisements are quite effective when marketing to teenagers as they have researched exactly what would prompt a teen to buy a particular food. In general, teens seem to prefer ads where there is a group of people all actually using (eating) the product rather than just seeing an image of the food by itself (“Teens”). Groups are important to teens in particular as they are often in pairs or more, especially when eating, so to include a number of people rather than just one solitary person also effectively promotes the product to teens, especially...............

My paragraph should be based on my outline, which is:



I. Ads affect teens
a. Makes them independent buyers.

b. Give them self-esteem issues.
c. Give them eating disorders.
d. Ads just say what teens want to hear.
e. Could affect them emotionally and physically.

II. Ads make teens independent buyers

a. They give them motivation to go out and buy their product.

b. When the teen wants the product but parents won’t buy it for them. c. Ads could make teens more mature in buying their own things.

III. Ads give teens eating disorders

a. Teens want to look like the gorgeous models they see on TV.

b. Guy want to look nice, skinny, fit and muscular. 

c. Teens will change eating habits or stop eating to look like the people in the ads.



IV. Ads say what teens want to hear

a. Ads will say anything and everything to get teens to buy their product.
 b. Ads will say that their product will change their lives.

c. Ads will say that the teen will become more popular if they buy the product.

V. Ads give teens self-esteem issues

  1. Teen feel like they aren’t good enough.

  2. Teens feel like they cant ever be pretty.

  3. Teens think that there is no use in trying to look good.




Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/27/2015 12:00 am
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