Project #95454 - Public Health Nursing Competency

PHN (Public Health Nursing) Competency Activity #2

(Activities and Case Studies from the Population-based Public Health Clinical Manual: The Henry Street Model for Nurses by Schaffer, Garcia, and Schoon)

This assignment is worth 50 points.

Chapter 8- Competency #6- Effectively Communicates with Communities, Systems, Individuals, Families, and Colleagues

1.       Complete the Activity on p. 188 by answering all three questions.

2.       Complete the Application of Evidence scenario at the bottom of p. 195, by answering all four questions (pp. 195-196).

Chapter 9- Competency #7- Establishes and Maintains Caring Relationships with Communities, Systems, Individuals, and Families

1.       Complete the Activity on p.199

2.       Describe possible differences in development of a caring relationship if an initial PHN visit with a client is at a clinic versus it occurring in the client’s home. What does a PHN need to consider when making an initial home visit?

Chapter 10- Competency #8- Shows Evidence of Commitment to Social Justice, the Greater Good, and the Public Health Principles

1.       What is the difference between social justice and market justice?

2.       What role does social justice play for PHNs?

3.       Think of a health disparity or unmet health need in the community where you did your community assessment. If you were going to develop an intervention at the community or systems level of practice for this health need, what would it be?

4.       What vulnerable populations have you worked with thus far in your community health service learning for this class?

Chapter 11- Competency #9- Demonstrates Nonjudgmental and Unconditional Acceptance of People Different from Self

1.       Complete the Activity on p. 251 by answering all three questions.

Chapter 12- Competency #10- Incorporates Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Environmental Aspects of Health into Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

1.       Complete the Activity on p. 274

2.       Read the Reflective Practice scenario on p. 278 and answer the first four questions on p. 278-279.

Chapter 13- Competency #11- Demonstrates Leadership in Public Health Nursing with Communities, Systems, Individuals, and Families

1.       Read the Reflective Practice scenario on pp. 305-306 and answer the two questions.



Chapter 14- Putting It All Together

1.       Read pp. 309-312. Think about the basic knowledge base required for effective public health nursing practice. Analyze your strengths in basic public health nursing knowledge. What areas do you feel strong in? What knowledge areas would you need to strengthen if you were to obtain a PHN job?


2.       Read the Student and PHN stories on pp. 312-316. Choose one, identify it, and write about your impressions or thoughts after reading the story.

Subject Medicine
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/26/2015 09:00 pm
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