Project #95337 - Essay :Justifying an Evaluation

Essay 5: Justifying an Evaluation

We’ve watched several Ted Talks and read numerous sources this semester. But what makes a good Ted Talk? Or, what makes a good college-level source? We recently viewed Richard Turere’s “My invention that made peace with lions” and Jack Andraka’s “A promising test for pancreatic cancer…from a teenager.” Both of these Ted Talks were given by young people and explain their solutions to big problems. I’d like you to analyze which Ted Talk is better, and why.

First, decide on the criteria you’d like to use to analyze these Ted Talks. Anything is fair game. How easy is it to understand their solutions? Are they charismatic? Are the videos the appropriate length? Are they humorous? Inspiring? Are their solutions truly good? Do they use good visuals or music? The list can go on, but you get the idea.

Criteria you’ll be graded on

  • A focused, well-defined introduction to the source and thesis
    • Use an example, anecdote, statistic, or interesting quote to get started.
    • A paragraph or so laying out the source your paper will evaluate.
    • Interest readers in your source.
    • Present an arguable thesis with your reasons and counterargument previewed in it.
  • A well-argued evaluation
    • Use a variety of strategies to explain your criteria and analysis.
    • Present numerous reasons (logical, moral/ethical, emotional, etc.) as to why you think your source meets or doesn’t meet the criteria you’ve selected.
  • An effective response to objections
    • Address either a counterargument (the other side to the story) and/or address weaknesses in your analysis or criteria.
  • A clear, logical organization
    • Use transition words like however and next.
    • Use transition sentences at the beginning or the ending of paragraphs.
    • Uses a signal phrase to introduce sources.
    • Refer back to earlier examples, often bringing your paper or paragraph full circle by referring to an example at the beginning of the paper or paragraph.
  • Use of sources/APA format and English grammar and vocabulary


Sources: 2

Images: if applicable, but not necessary


Format: APA


Page Length: 4-5

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2015 12:00 am
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