Project #95149 - International Business (Imports & Exports of Dubai)

Need 3 page paper on the economy of dubai following the order of the below outline.  Not all elements are required, but the general order/flow should be there.


Use the following outline to conduct further research on your chosen country.  Find answers to each of the topics listed utilizing your text for an explanation of the information that is being requested.

 Your answers to the questions and information will be found through on line research sometimes you will be accessing government sites and other times the sources will independent sites and news sources.

 Your completed paper will be a combination of lists of items and explanations in paragraph form. The paper should follow this outline. Each topic should be discussed in detail.  Label each section of your paper with the section being discussed. Include a list of your sources at the end of the paper.

Sometimes the questions or topics can be answered by doing a google search with a phrase” how does “ or “What does” Country Name   do to   Topic

I. Trade and Investment Analysis
A. Role of trade in economy
1. Importance of trade to the nation (trade as % of GDP)
2. Main exports and volumes
3. Main imports and volumes
4. Main trading partners
5. Trade dependency

B. National competitive advantage
1. Factor conditions (basic and advanced)
Check the textbook to review what these are and do some searches.
2. Sophistication of demand
3. Presence of clusters
Look  to see if there are certain industries that are grouped together (industrial Pockets) or exist within the country. (examples are like our silicon valley, different cities where cars are produced, the wine country in California)
4. Government support or lack thereof
Are any industries receiving support from the Government
C. Government’s intervention in trade
    Explain each of these motives and provide any examples you can find in your country.
1. Cultural motives
2. Political motives
a. Protect jobs
b. National security
c. Response to “unfair” trade by other nations
d. Gain influence
3. Economic motives
a. Protect infant industries
b. Strategic trade policy

D. Trade promotion
Identify what your country offers as far as assistance  to their businesses to encourage trade or regulations that favor their home businesses.
1. Subsidies
2. Export financing
3. Foreign trade zones
4. Special government agencies
E. Trade Restriction
Identify any of these like you did in the group above.
1. Tariffs
2. Quotas
3. Embargoes
4. Local content requirements
5. Administrative delays
6. Currency controls
F. International organization involvement
    Answer and explain these.
1. WTO membership
2. Cases pending with the WTO
3. Participation in environmental agreements as related to trade
G. Foreign direct investment (FDI)
Identify the levels of each of these.  In roman numeral  II. Below you can explain what your country is doing to encourage or restrict Foreign Direct Investment.
1. FDI inflows and sources
2. FDI outflows and destinations
3. Balance of payments position
4. Current account surplus/deficit
H. Government’s reasons for intervention in FDI
A general discussion of these from the text and then anything identified from your country is appropriate reporting here.
1. Reasons for intervention as a host-country
a. Balance of payments
b. Access to technology
c. Management skills
d. Employment effects
2. Reasons for intervention as a home-country
a. Keep resources from leaving home
b. Maintain export markets
c. Protect jobs supported by exports
d. Increase competitiveness of nation’s companies
e. Promotion of “sunrise” industries

II. Government policy instruments and FDI
    A continuation of letter  (G)  Above
1. Host countries: restriction
a. Ownership restrictions
b. Performance demands
2. Host countries: promotion
a. Financial incentives
b. Infrastructure improvements
3. Home countries: restriction
a. Differential tax rates
b. Sanctions
4. Home countries: promotion
a. Insurance
b. Loans
c. Tax breaks
d. Political pressure

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/22/2015 11:50 pm
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