Project #95041 - A feminist Definition of Sexual Harassment, new


What you need to turn in this week:

Please turn the hw in as an essay


Your initial thoughts about what sexual harassment is and in what ways it is or is not a serious problem in the workplace. (Polish what you wrote at the beginning of class.)


Superson's definition of sexual harassment on p. 367.


You careful and reflective reading of it. That is, put it in your own words. See your work as a paraphrase and remember that such a paraphrase may end up being significantly longer than the work your are paraphrasing.


A discussion of how this definition differs from a definition that focuses on unwanted individual behavior. just what is Superson trying t oget at?


Keep in mind that Superson is trying to make an important point that she thinks current law overlooks. Unfortunately, she uses the terms 'subjective' and 'objective' in laying out what is an important distinction. so, please disregard these terms and try and see the distinction she is trying to draw.


What do you think this very different understanding of sexual harassment?


Some guiding questions that should help you understand superson's view:


I. Introduction


What is Superson's 'primary aim'?


II. Current law on sexual Harassment


Superson ends her historical treatment of sexual harassment and the law with a suggestion that "...the law ought to treat SH as it is beginning to treat racial discrimination." (p. 369)


III. The Social Nature of Sexual Harassment


On pps 371 and 372, Superson lays out at least four harms that she argues result to '...the  group of all women ' from incidents of sexual harassment. Lay out each of these.


The paragraph on p. 371 starting with "The harm women suffer as a group"


The last paragraph on p. 371 starting with "Women are harmed by SH in yet another way"


The first five paragraphs on p. 372, starting with "another harm SH causes all women" and end with " is seen as women's problem to rectify"


The final paragraph on p. 372, starting with "Last but certainly not least"


IV. Subjective v. Objective Definition of Sexual harassment


On pps 375, Superson makes clear what an objective view of SH is. What do you think of this?


Vi. Conclusion


Like any good scholar, Superson ends by listing some of the problems that her definition must meet. Do you think these are surmountable, or are they  challenges that will make her definition untenable?



please use this link for reading, missing and addtional reading will be attached


Subject Philosophy
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/22/2015 11:00 pm
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