Project #94749 - Under Armour SWOT analysis

Overview of Part 4 ,

Part 4 has two parts the first part concentrates on recommendation for Promotional strategy while the second part concentrates on the overall strategic recommendation for the project. Chapter 15 on promotional and chapter 17 on sales process, in addition to your work-group’s research information on promotional methods will provide support for your group’s recommendation on the promotional strategy. 

The second section for part 4 requires the creation of a summary section that uses the aggregate of the strategic recommendation from all of the previous parts.  This section should consist of two or three pages that provide the reader with a complete, clear, and concise marketing plan strategy for the assigned company or product.  

Expectations for Part Four

·      The submission will be written at the collegiate level

·      The submission will be free of Grammar, spelling, and syntax errors

·      The submission will include an introduction that tells the reader what to expect in the following pages. 

·      The body will of the paper will be fully developed with headers to lead the reader through the discussion of the promotional strategy.  The body should include a discussion of the market research and a discussion of market segmentation, differentiation, and positioning in support of the recommendation for promotional strategy.    

·      The submission will include a conclusion that is clear and specific that provides the reader with a summary of what they just read.

·      This section will provide a short concluding discussion that provides the reader with a complete, clear, and concise marketing plan strategy for the assigned company or product. 

·      All submission will include complete and correct citations for both quotations and paraphrased information with bibliography.


What does an A level paper look like – Each part will include:

·      submission

·      An Introduction to the discussion (Telling the reader what to expect)

·      The body of the paper should be 4 to 6 pages double-spaced organized with topic headers

·      A summary/conclusion/recommendations

·      Each section should meet the expectations for each part of the group project.

·      Properly formatted Bibliography or Work Cited



Proper citations and complete and correctly formatted bibliography or works cited depending on citation format selected (APA or MLA) is required.  In academic writing failure to provide citations is considered plagiarism (see student handbook for consequences).   Correct citation extends beyond citing quotations.  Any statement of fact that exceeds personal experience or research requires a source citation.  Although some knowledge information can be considered common knowledge, i.e., water is wet, snow is cold, the Sun is hot, etc., beyond that type of common knowledge a source citation is required.  For example, if you paraphrase the information from one of the textbook chapters, you need to cite the source including book title, author and chapter. If you are citing a direct quotation, you need to provide the page number.  If you are using personal experience or information from personal research that should be acknowledged; For example, as a Marketing Manager in the pharmaceutical industry I found that . . .


The Bibliography or Works Cited page should be properly formatted to comply with the selected citation format.


Tip: If you use MS Word 2007 or 2010, there is an excellent tool found under the Reference tab.  This tool will allow the writer to insert the citation in the appropriate position and provide a wizard to create a list of citations used by creating the Works Cited or Bibliography.


Tip2:  If you are not familiar with the use of citations click on the following link, which will give you a refresher on when and how to use citations and create a Works Cited or Bibliography.


Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/19/2015 06:00 pm
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