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The objective of this Final Project is for you to critically reflect on the concepts covered in this course. You will apply the course concepts to Donna’s Story, consider her life from multiple perspectives, and then reflect on how the different perspectives resonate with you.

Reflection papers are designed to formally consider what you have learned and to organize the concepts in writing. A reflection paper is not simply an outline or summarization of the material that has been covered; it is an organized way to understand what the material means to you. Writing a reflection paper is a way to understand how you have constructed your knowledge byapplying your understanding and perceptions to someone’s life story.


Use word processing software to complete this Final Project. The paper should be written in coherent sentences and paragraphs, double spaced in 12-point font, and with academic citations. References to the film are not required, although any additional material (including readings from the course and any additional references you use) should be referenced according to APA format. See the Course Guide’s section on “Help Available” for a list of resources for help with writing and academic citations. Write at least 1 page for each question or topic (see below), and the complete submission should not be longer than 10 pages excluding the title page and references page.

You may have to view the film several times to respond to the following questions, and when you are critically thinking about your responses. Use the following framework for your reflective paper:

  1. Describe Donna’s Story from a problem solving perspective.

    1. How could Donna’s problems be described from this perspective?

    2. What might a (paragraph-length) assessment summary look like using this focus?

    3. If you were a social worker working with Donna now (after the end of film), what might some of the goals be?

    4. Realistically, what resources or supports would have to be put into place for Donna to meet these goals?

  2. Describe Donna’s situation from a strengths based approach.
    1. What strengths and resiliency does Donna show?

    2. How could these strengths and resiliencies be used in developing a plan to work with Donna?

    3. Which model (problem solving or strengths based) would you likely want to use, and why? That is, what are the key differences of each model as they apply to Donna’s Story?

  3. Describe the evidence of voluntary and involuntary professional relationships.
    1. Include a discussion on helping relationships.

    2. Include a discussion about social care and social control.

    3. This analysis section is not limited to any ideas about current work; but should include some ideas that one can assume and/or garner from Donna’s description of help they received in the past.

  4. Using Donna’s Story, develop a discussion about child welfare.

    1. Include a discussion and analysis of how Donna’s situation was seen, or could be seen from a child-protection, family support, or community caring approach.

    2. The issues of generational violence and domestic violence may also be discussed.

    3. Ensure this discussion is linked to legislation and policy mandates (at least in general) as they have been described in the material and reading in this course.

    4. How might her situation, or resources provided, have changed if different approaches had been used?

  5. Articulate a structural argument of Donna’s situation.

    1. This should include discussion on the broader structural impacts on Donna’s life.

    2. The discussion should consider both Aboriginal approaches and feminist approaches in both understanding the situation and also potential practice approaches.

  6. Personal Reflection:

    1. Discuss how, using a social work lens, and incorporating some of the concepts, materials, ideas and theories presented so far in this course affected your perception

    2. Discuss 1 or 2 pieces of learning or insight from critically thinking about Donna’s story are ‘take away’ pieces or ideas for you as you enter into practice.





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