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$15 only no more and one more example of how my peer did it see below

For Explaining A Concept 2 Discussion, you are going to write on your own Explaining A Concept essay...the one you are planning and drafting now.


Based on your reading of Chapter 4 in the St. Martin's Guide, chapter 4 of Sticks and Stones pages 57-78 in Sticks and Stones and all module documents…


  1. Title this discussion with your concept or topic that you are explaining (“Wave Formation” for example)
  2. Explain what your logical plan is for the essay you are writing. Be sure to discuss in depth how you will use the explanatory strategies. Look at the module document “Planning And Strategies” for more on this. Look closely at the Ngo Essay and the description of its logical plan.

To be clear here…you are telling us your plan for the concept essay—how you will develop the essay using the explanatory strategies and the order in which you will do this. Try to explain the rationale behind the choices you are making. See below…






I open my essay with a long anecdote about Vietnamese people trapped on a boat who must resort to survival cannibalism. This is a story that has been told in my community for many years and has always fascinated me. It is what got me interested in the topic. I think it will interest my readers and get them into the topic.


Next, I define cannibalism. At this point, I lay out some of the controversy behind cannibalism—how many believe it isn’t really existant except in cases of survival. I then move to classifying cannibalism by breaking it down to exo and ando cannibalism and then survival, dietary, and ritual cannibalism.


From here I move to…


Yours will be longer and more developed but this should give you an idea.


THAT IS PART 1 The initial post. REMEBER that you will follow this with 2 replies to peers' posts....

Part II write two (2) replies to your peers' posts. Don't forget this part. You can comment on their arc, ask questions, suggest adding information about areas of interest etc. etc. (200 words each.)

For more, read the discussion guideines below.

Each and every discussion assignment has two distinct parts:

1)    An Initial Post— Each discussion assignment starts with a prompt or topic that I put forward for you to write on. An example of this might be something like this: "From the profile essay you are working on, tell us about the subject of your profile. Explain who/what the subject is, tell us why you find the subject interesting, tell us what you've learned, thus far, about the subject." In response to this, you would create an initial post to answer my question.


Peers example

The Freshman Fifteen   

I open my essay with story of a college student and weight gain. I think it will interest my readers and get them into the topic, because who of us have not thought about our weight.


Next, I define the commonly used expression “Freshman 15”.  At this point, I will bring out the other names for college weight gain around the whole world.

From here I move to what can cause the dreaded 15 pound weight gain.  College is an adjustment.  People eat comfort food when stressed and anxious. There are common stressors all college students share. In an effort to make friends they load up on social calories. In their busy demanding schedule, an athletic person in high school now is just walking to and from classes.  

I will illustrate things a student and his family can do to prevent the Freshman 15. How can parents help? How to prepare before college? What to do once in college?

Don’t freak out, make adjustments. What are some health habits that can be adapted? How to eat healthy? Have a healthy food attitude.


In conclusion, I will consider how to continue life style changes to keep these “good’ habits after graduation

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/22/2015 12:00 am
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