Project #94464 - Sociology

DB 2 - Socialization 200 words   

In chapter 3, Henslin tells us: "Society makes us human." There are, however, many different ways of being a human being. We have a sense of self, a mind, a personality, and define ourselves in relation to our families, friends (female and male), religion, community, school, and workplace. Still, socialization isn't the whole nine yards. Our genes also play a part. Please comment. Remember to refer to Henslin in your post. I can't grade opinions. Check spelling and grammar. Jot down word count.


DB 3 - Social Structure and Social Interaction 200 words               

Discuss the functionalist and conflict perspectives regarding social institutions. Make sure you make specific mention of Henslin in your post. Include word count. Minimum 200 words. Check spelling and grammar.


DB 4 - Global Stratification 200 words   

In Chapter 9, Henslin focuses on global stratification in three worlds:

the most industrialized nations

the industrializing nations

the least industrialized nations

How does he explain the differences among these worlds?


DB 5 - Social Class in the United States 200 words           

Discuss Henslin's three components of social class. What are some of the consequences of class inequality?


DB6 - Sex and Gender 200 words             

Discuss gender inequality in education in the United States.



Gender Tracking

Graduate and Professional Schools

How are men doing in terms of education?


DB 7 - Race and Ethnicity 200 words       

In chapter 12, Henslin writes about how we construct our racial and/or ethnic identities? How do prejudice and discrimination play a part in how we see ourselves and how others see us? How does the racist mind develop?

DB 8 - The Elderly 200 words      

"The Social Construction of Aging" is a sub-section at the beginning of chapter 13. What does Henslin mean? Then, he writes about how our perceptions of the elderly are shaped? Discuss the functionalist and conflict perspectives.


DB 9 - The Economy 200 words                 

What do functionalists and conflict theorists say about the globalization of capitalism?


DB 10 - Politics 200 words           

How does the U.S. political system compare and contrast with European democracies?


DB 11 - on Medicine and Health 200 words         

The core of Henslin’s chapter is sections 4-7. Select two of these sections to discuss health care in the United States.

DB 12 An essay (1000-1250 words) On a topic covered in the course and discussed in any national, local, region except for the United States. In other words, your focus cannot be the United States.


Choose a topic covered in the course. For example, culture, religion, gender, race, class, or whatever else sparked your interest, and discuss it in any national, local, region except for the United States. In other words, you must select a national, local, region anywhere in the world but not the United States. (1000-1250 words) 

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/30/2015 12:00 am
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