Project #94408 - assignment 1

Choose one of the topics listed below, and build your research based on that selected topic. Support your points with documented sources and include a works cited page listing.

Students may choose the same topic, however the content must be different.


ü  Supply Chain Management

ü  Data Warehouses and Data Mining

ü  Business Intelligence

ü  E-Business

ü  Prototyping


ü  Each student will be required to write approximately 4-6 pages including the cover page.

ü  Each student will submit their work no later than the due date. No discussion on presentation required.

Writing Guidelines:

Your essay should consist of:

       I.         Introductory

Why did you choose this topic? In answering this question, you can discuss why your topic is significant, what drew you to it, and/or why it is worth studying. Provide some background or context for your topic.

     II.         Body Paragraphs

This is the most important part of your paper. It should contain five to ten body paragraphs (Depends on the length of each paragraph). All the paragraphs should develop one main idea about your topic. The body of your paper should clearly show that your analysis is moving in a certain direction.

    III.         Conclusion

Your conclusion paragraph should summarize your findings. Try to end with a memorable statement.


ü  The title of your paper is important. Your title should convey useful information about the contents of your study without implying that this is the definitive work on the subject.

ü  Your research paper must be typed. Make sure that you edit, spell check, and thoroughly proof read your paper.

ü  Make sure you paraphrase material and quote the words of another authors in the proper way.

ü  Clear documentation helps you avoid plagiarism (presenting the ideas of others as your own). Plagiarism is a very serious offence, and those who do it in college classes automatically fail the assignment and usually, the course.

ü  Submission of the papers will be through Moodle.

Grading Criteria and Evaluation

This assignment counts for 5% of your final grade. All that follows will be considered part of your total grade.

ü  Title accurately reflects content.

ü  Paper is effectively organized into sections with an introductory paragraph, a well-developed body paragraph, and an appropriate conclusion.

ü  Paper displays critical thinking and topic area is covered in sufficient depth.

ü  The content of the paper is accurate.

No grammar and/or spelling errors in the paper.    

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/18/2015 02:00 pm
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