Project #94365 - BCM 3700: Visual Impression and Organization Analysis

Task: Choose a short brochure OR a home page on the web (just the home page, not the entire

website). Pretend that you’re a paid external media consultant who has been hired to critique

the brochure or home page. Craft an appropriate message to the marketing director of the

company you have chosen (for the purposes of this assignment, it can be a fictitious person).

Explain your findings and articulate your recommendations. Concentrate your analysis on visual

impression and organization (which should be related to who you think the audience is, what

context it’s for, and how it’s used).

In any critique, point out good and bad things and explain why you think things are good or notso.

Organize your observations carefully.

NOTE: Lumping your analysis into two huge paragraphs of “good things” and “bad things” or

critiquing your brochure page-by-page are both bad approaches.

Since you plan to continue working with this organization, word your observations carefully and

ethically – be careful how you criticize. Remember to maintain positive emphasis, so using the

word “bad” is most likely a bad idea. Provide enough detail to show you have considered this in

depth (go beyond the obvious or surface features)1. Don’t be superficial. Remember, they’ve

“hired” you to provide your expert assessment, so be complete.

Parameters: Because this is external, it’s a letter.

ï‚· Include a copy of your brochure or a screenshot of the home page w/ the url.

ï‚· Grading criteria are the eight aspects, applied to what you write.

Evaluation: Your content is assessed by…

ï‚· What you notice (look closely)

ï‚· How well you explain why things are good and/or not so good

ï‚· What suggestions you might have for keeping and/or changing things

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/18/2015 02:00 pm
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