Project #94347 - Food Safety Notes

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Almost all of the answers are in the powerpoint presentations attached thus is an easy assignment. 

Answer these questions they can be copy paste.

Answers can be in bulleted form and informal form.




Natural Toxins


1. What is median lethal dose?

2. What is the purpose of toxins in plants? Where can toxins be found?

3. What are cucurbitacins? Where can they be found? Can you taste them? What effect will they have when consumed?

4. What is oxalic acid? Where can it be found? What effect will it have when consumed?

5. What are glycoalkoloids? Where can they be found? How are they affected by heat? 6. 6. What effect will they have when consumed?

7. What are furocoumarins? Where can they be found? What effect will they have when consumed? Name the different types of furocoumarins. Do organic foods have more toxin? If so, why?

8. What toxins are found in mushrooms? What are there effects?

9. What chemicals can be found in cloves, vanilla, thyme and nutmeg?

10. What chemicals can be found in sage, garlic, onion and peppers? What effects do they have?

11. What toxin can be found in red kidney beans? What effect does it have when consumed?

12. Name 2 mycotoxins. What foods are they associated with? Which mold produces the toxins.

13. What toxin is in fugu fish? What effect will it have when consumed?

14. What is scromboid poisoning? Describe the symptoms.

15. What is Ciguatoxin? What will it do?

16. What are dinoflagellates? What is red tide? What is PSP? 







  1. Brief history of pesticides?
  2. What is a pesticide? What is its function? Name a type of pesticide
  3. Name 4 types of chemical pesticides. What is their effect on the pest?
  4. What is an herbicide? What is its’ effect?
  5. What is a fungicide? What is its’ effect? What fungicides were discussed in class?
  6. What laws and regulations are in place to deal with synthetic agrochemicals?
  7. Who discovered DDT? When was it discovered?
  8. What are the breakdown products of DDT? What is their harm? Effect on the environment?
  9. What is the silent spring?
  10. What are agrochemical residues?
  11. What are residues and what are breakdown products?
  12. What is surveillance of agrochemical use and why is it important?
  13. What is NOEL? What is ADI?
  14. What agency set tolerances? What agencies monitor food products?
  15. What is the difference between intake and uptake? Which one is harder to measure?
  16. What tools do food safety scientists use for measuring human exposure to pesticides?  Explain each one of them
  17. What are the main conclusions from the data on pesticides in human milk?
  18. Explain what are the main issues with antibiotic use in animals for human food as explained by the author.
  19. Have Vet medicines caused harm to consumers?
  20. Are Vet Medicine Residues a problem?
  21. What vet medicines are being used in the industry and why?
  22. What is a potential food safety problem with excessive use of fertilizers?
  23. What is the purpose of nitrates?
  24. What are heavy metals?
  25. Give examples of heavy metals and briefly explain their toxicity issues.
  26. What is dioxin and when is it a problem?

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/18/2015 12:00 am
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