Project #93911 - Chronic Diseases Prevention in Minority communities

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NSG 3076 Population health in the Community


Paper Guidelines


Fall 2015




The goal of this paper is to stimulate critical thinking about the role of the community health nurse in identifying community health issues and describing how nurses can develop, plan and implement strategies to address community health problems. As part of this paper, each student will access Healthy People 2020 to select a problem of interest, conduct an in-depth review of current literature about the topic, identify and thoroughly analyze a minimum of three community resources (agencies) pertinent to the community of concern.




Based on the geopolitical community assessment completed for this semester:




1.         Access the Healthy People 2020 website ( . Click on topics and objectives.  Select one community health topic that interests you.  Click on the topic to take you to a section that will describe in depth the scope of the problem, the trends in the United States, and the challenges for intervening with the area of concern. Read this section thoroughly. Then select one of the listed Objectives as a particular focus for your paper.




2.         Think about the geopolitical community assessment you did. Analyze that community in relation to the health concern you have identified.  Provide supporting evidence with national, state, or local statistics why this area of concern affects the community you have chosen.




4.         Perform a literature search for nursing articles related to your topic. Your final reference list should contain at least 8 references: 3 substantial nursing articles peer reviewed that include clear implications for community nursing practice, written within the past 5 years; and 5 other references, which can include your textbook (for background on your topic); the Healthy People 2020 site (for information about your objective); additional articles from related fields (within 5 years); and other websites (professional or academic). Nursing articles should come from peer-reviewed nursing journals, or peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journals that include nurse authors. Do not use opinion articles such as editorials, or popular websites such as WedMD




5.         Identify two agencies of which (1)  has to be a nurse in your chosen community; the agency must address the identified health concern. Interview your key informant (nurse) face to face. Information about the other agency can be obtained by internet search. Fill (type) out an agency assessment form for each. Be sure that the agencies you access have a direct relationship to the health concern you are investigating.  The agency assessments must be the student’s own work. Photocopying from another’s assessment is considered plagiarism.




  1. From your readings and your agency visits, think about how the community health nurse can intervene to assist the community to achieve the chosen Healthy People 2020 objective.  Begin to formulate interventions based on your knowledge of community health nursing.


    Paper Format and Grading Criteria


    Each student’s paper should be organized in the following sections (please use headings to identify these sections in the body of the paper):


    Introduction -  (15 points) (1- 1 1/2  page)


  • Describe the chosen health area in your own words, and list the particular Healthy People 2020 objective you are addressing. Be sure you correctly cite Healthy People 2020 in your paper and in your reference list.

  • Identify your chosen community and what you will discuss in your paper.

  • Be specific in describing why this health issue is an important one for the identified community (support with national, state or local community statistics. Be sure to reference all statistical data).


    Topic Development (synthesis) - 30 points (3 pages)


  • Review current literature pertaining to the chosen health concern; include what has caused the problem and why it is a problem; describe usual and current interventions, current research, and selected nursing concerns and challenges.

  • Use only current professional nursing journals (no older than five years). All reference citations and reference list entries must be according to 6th edition APA style and format.

  • Discuss how the approaches described in the literature apply (or do not apply) to your chosen community.


    Community Interventions - 15 points (1-11/2 pages) plus agency assessment form)

  • Summarize your agency assessments, highlighting how these agencies intervene with the identified health concern. Be sure to describe strengths and weaknesses of each agency.

  • Citing your agency assessments, describe what the community has done to intervene with the chosen health issue; be sure to identify what has and has not worked.


    Nursing Interventions – 15 points (1 page)


  • Make recommendations for nursing interventions in regard to the health issue and the community; be sure they are based on your topic development findings and agency assessment and analysis.

  • This section should focus on the role of the community health nurse. Identify the level(s) of prevention (primary, secondary and tertiary) and community setting.


    Summary and Conclusions - 5 points (1/2 page)



  • Summarize the main points of the paper. Be sure to include the Healthy People 2020 objective in your summary.


    Writing style, originality of writing, grammar, spelling- 10 points

  • Correct use of standard English grammar, spelling and paraphrasing


  • Clear, concise and readable writing style

  • Paragraphs have topic sentences and are fully developed


  • Number of pages (61/2—71/2) (excluding the agency assessments, the title page, and the reference page).

  • References used meet guidelines ( 3 nursing journals and 5 reference articles/websites)

  • Paper uploaded to Safe Assign (Final Version) on Bb


    APA Format (see sample on Blackboard) – 10 points


  • Correct title page, including running head, format, page numbers, margins, correct font, headings, etc.

  • The paper must be typewritten (word-processed) using Times New Roman 12 point font (includes agency assessments), double-spaced, and one inch margins. Remember to include page numbers in the upper right.


  • Correct APA citations for references in text

  • Reference page in correct APA format

  • Headings in APA format

  • An abstract is not required











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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/17/2015 12:00 am
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