Project #93529 - Peruasive-Message-Assignment

BCM 3700: Persuasive Messages (a “6%” assignment)

Choose one situation from the choices below and write a persuasive message that fits. Audiences and

formats are built into each problem. You will need to make up the details to develop your case.

1. Your company has selected MedCarePro Insurance to provide your employees a plan that takes

advantage of some new tax laws. Individuals enrolling in the plan can pay their share of certain

insurance premiums tax-free. The plan also permits employees to set aside money tax-free to help

pay for expenses not covered by medical insurance (a Health Savings Account or HSA. As director of

human resources, write a message that would persuade employees to attend a meeting in which

MedCarePro personnel would be available to explain this new tax-saving plan.

2. You are a student at Maple Leaf College in northern Wisconsin. As a business administration major,

you have noticed that there are many student organizations on campus but none for business

students. An organization like this would help develop leadership, communication, and team skills in

business students, while creating a greater understanding American business enterprise. Write a

letter to the vice president of student affairs at Maple Leaf recommending that the school consider

starting a student organization for business students.

3. It’s hard to go through life without becoming annoyed by the way some things work. You have

undoubtedly been dissatisfied with a product you’ve bought, a service you’ve received, or with an

action of some elected official or government agency. Write an appropriate persuasive message

request, expressing your dissatisfaction in a particular case. Specify the action you want the reader

to take.

4. Managing a new product launch can be an aggravating experience as you try to coordinate a wide

variety of activities and processes while barreling toward a deadline that is defined more by external

factors than a realistic assessment of whether you can actually meet it. You depend on lots of other

people to meet their deadlines and if they fail, you fail. The pressure is enough to push anybody

over the edge. Unfortunately that happened to you last week. After a barrage of bad news from

suppliers and from the members of the team you lead, you lost your cool at a checkpoint meeting,

and began shouting at people and accusing them of slacking off. As a result, your boss has removed

you from the launch team. Write an appropriate message to your boss, requesting to be reinstated

as the project team leader.

5. Convincing people to give their new music a try is one of the toughest challenges facing new bands

and performers. Imagine you’ve taken on the job of promoting an amazing new band or artist you

just discovered. Choose someone you’ve heard live or online and write an appropriate message that

can be sent to reluctant “we’ve heard it all before” members of the music press that describes the

music in a way that will convince them to listen to a few online samples.

Grading criteria: Be persuasive. Be attentive to how you use credibility, audience emotions, evidence,

and refutation, etc. All grading criteria/aspects of communication matter. “Organization” includes how

you build your case. “Self expression” is about credibility. “Language use” includes connotation.

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/17/2015 01:00 pm
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