Project #93469 - Full Research Paper

 I have the introduction and the methods section done for this research paper I can give it to you once the BID is done. It will be up to you to revise it if you would like. I need all guidelines met. I will also show you the survey that was taken to show the results. This research paper is based on Time Management and Study Habits.

Basically Its External Factors that affect academics.


You must know how to do everything in the RESULTS part of this section. That includes the distribution graph and correlation table. 

Full Research Paper

 purpose of this draft is to revise your introduction and methods section, and then write up whatever you can of the results section with the data you have.


Introduction (20 points) about 3-4 pages

1.     A short summary of the problem

2.     A discussion of why the problem is important  

3.     What does the existing literature say about the problem

a.     Try and divide this part into about two to four topic sections. Each section can be 2-3 paragraphs)

4.     What do we still need to know about your topic?

5.     What are your research questions?  Come up with between 2-4 specific questions. Why do we need to do your study?  What will it contribute?

a.     Who is your target population?

b.     What research strategy do would you use based on your questions? 

6.     What is your hypothesis for each of your research questions?


***you must include at least 8 citations in your introduction***


Methods (15 points): about 2-3 pages


Header 1:  Describe your participants you have so far, keep in mind this will change (2 points)

Sample size

·      How were the participants recruited?

·      Describe what demographics of the participants


Header 2: Describe the Instruments you used for each variable.  Be specific on how you are operationally defining each variable. Be sure to include all the actual items you plan in include in your survey. **be sure to cite any surveys  that you used in your study.


Header 3: Procedures…what are you going to have the participants do?   


Header 4: What are your analytic methods?  (correlational, descriptive, etc.). Which variables will you analyze and how?  





Results (10 points):  about 3-4 pages

1.     What are some of your preliminary findings based on what data you do have?

2.     Include a descriptive table

3.     Include a frequency distribution graph (see page 447)

4.     Answer your research questions with the data you have. Each question should be under it’s own header

5.     Include a correlation table

6.     Conduct at least one analysis table and graph for one of your questions.


Writing Clarity and APA formatting for tables, citations, references, etc. (5 points)




-       You are to follow the APA formatting in the following areas

o   Title Page

o   Proper In-Text Citations

o   Use paraphrases, not quotations

o   Double space and 12 point font in Times New Roman

o   A proper reference list.

-       Remember, this is an individual submission! Any form of plagiarism will result in a 0 on this assignment! You can write differently about the same topic and cite different resources differently. 

-       Should be on a word document.






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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/16/2015 12:00 am
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