Project #93012 - Role of Health Information Systems Professionals

This assignment has 3 different due dates.


  • Part 1 of 3: Submission of information about interviewee due 14th of Nov
  • Part 2 of 3: Submission of draft for peer review due 21st of NOV
  • Part 3 of 3: This presentation is due by 29th of Nov



The information you incorporate in your course paper will be derived from a minimum of (3) three sources: an interview you will conduct with a Health Information Systems (HIS) professional, and a minimum of two (2) evidence-based articles from peer-reviewed journals and textbooks.

Your paper should include:

  • the roles, responsibilities, background, job descriptions, advancement potential, salaries, local and national outlook of the profession
  • the best ways to recruit personnel for this specialty
  • how the HIS professional assists the organization with annual goals and patient outcomes

Format your paper using the APA Style Guide. You will find information on APA in the Course Materials and Resources section of this course.

The paper should be no longer than 4-6 pages total (including title page, references, and appendices).

Note: You are required to use a minimum of two (2) outside resources for this assignment, in addition to your interview. When conducting your research, it is highly recommended that you utilize the ECPI Online Library.

Unit 2 - Interview Proposal Requirements (Part 1 of 3)

In Unit 2 you will submit a proposal to your instructor identifying:

  • The facility
  • The proposed interviewee’s job title
  • The proposed interviewee’s job description

It is not necessary to include the name of the person you are interviewing.

Your instructor must approve your interview proposal PRIOR to your interview. If you proceed with your interview without receiving prior approval, your paper may be rejected.

Getting Started

This project will certainly require some planning on your part prior to conducting the interview. You will want to begin working on this project in Unit 1 to ensure you have an adequate amount of time to meet your project deadlines.

Be sure to identify yourself as a student during this process.

Do not conduct the interview the first week. Your instructor must approve your interview proposal PRIOR to your interview.

Once your instructor has approved your interview proposal (you will submit this proposal in Unit 2), setup an appointment with the professional for the interview. You may conduct this interview over the phone or in-person. (If you are able to conduct this interview in-person it is recommended.) Make the professional aware that this interview may take up to two hours.

You will need to adequately prepare for this interview by writing a short script and a list of questions to ask this person. Your questions should be asked to promote the interviewee to talk about his or her work. Questions such as “Do you like your job?” will warrant a yes or no answer. However, questions such as “What do you like most about your job?” will provide you with more information. Ask follow up such as “Why?” when applicable. You will need to obtain as much information as possible from your interviewee so that you have an adequate amount of information to write your paper. The questions that you pose to the professional should relate to the information required above.

Make sure that your interview does not exceed two hours.

Once you have completed your interview and conducted your research you will be ready to write your paper.

Unit 4 Peer Review (Part 2 of 3)

In Unit 4 you will complete a draft of your course paper and submit it in the Unit 4 Peer Review forum. You will review one of your peer’s papers and one of your peers will review your paper. Requirements and guidance for reviewing your peers papers is located in the Unit 4 Peer Review Discussion forum. You will not be graded on your paper in this forum, however you will be graded on your participation in this forum and for properly reviewing your peers paper in accordance with the stated guidelines.

Unit 5 Requirements (Part 3 of 3)

In Unit 5 you will submit your final paper.

Grading Criteria

Please make sure you read the paper grading criteria below very carefully! Your paper will be weighted at 15% of total course grade.





. Appearance and Basic Writing

  • No more than 4-6 pages total
  • APA Format with Title and References Page


  1. Introductory Paragraph and Conclusions/ Summary Paragraph
  • No grammar, spelling, punctuation errors
  • Appears to be proof-read and edited for clarity.
  • Headings are used to identify specific sections of the paper.

Quotes and paraphrasing documented according to APA.



B. Section I: Background of the profession (education, experience, etc)



C. Section II: Need for the specialty/profession (position requirements, job outlook, advancement opportunities, etc.)



D. Section IV: Summary






Total Course Project Grade Weight

  • Part 1 Interview Information Submittal – 10%
  • Part 2 Peer Review – 10%
  • Part 3 Final Paper – 80%

Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/29/2015 12:00 am
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