Project #9274 - Writing assignment

My paper is on childhood obesity in america. This paper needs to be 10-15 pages long Double spaced. 

Final Research Project


Below I provide an overview of the Final Research Project due at course end.  Throughout the course we will be crafting paragraphs employing various methods of development.  Ideally, each of these paragraph will relate to one aspect of the topic you select for the final project, so you can practice organizing the content and developing the ideas prior to beginning the final project.  

1. Select a current problem in a health science field that you would like to research further. Then, using analysis and argumentation, write a research paper in which you:


A.      Introduce the problem and its relevance to the chosen field


B.      State your position with regard to the problem


C.      Provide evidence to support your opinion


D.      Anticipate and address/refute common counter-arguments


E.       Make recommendations for further exploration or solution


2.  You may use the topics we have already explored in our discussion questions. But, make certain you are interested in the topic and that the topic presents a problem relevant to a specific audience identified within the paper.



3.  I encourage you to use the informal paragraphs to explore aspects of the topic.



4.  You will be required to develop an annotated bibliography in the course in which you will research and summarize data sources available to inform your paper. This part of the assignment helps you establish the relevancy of sources you hope to include in the paper. (And, it keeps you from waiting until the last minute to find the required number of sources!) You may want to do a bit of precursory research prior to this assignment to ensure you have access to enough sources related to your topic to complete this assignment and the paper.



5. Successful argumentation requires addressing opposing viewpoints. So, when considering a topic, make certain you can identify, as supported by research, all sides of the problem you are introducing.



6. While the length of the research paper may be dictated by the problem to be addressed, aim for at least ten pages and not more than fifteen. In addition, you must cite at least 10 credible sources within the paper. If you list a reference on the reference page, you must have cited it in the text of the paper.   



Formatting Directions


  1. Use double-spacing, one-inch margins, and a font size of 12 ptt
  1.  Use APA style for references (in-text and reference list).  Place your reference list at the end of the complete paper on a separate page.


  2. Create a short title in the header of the paper accompanied by a page number as required in APA format. 

Grading Criteria


  1. Thorough research of topic and articulate presentation of ideas demonstrating higher order thinking and integration (This requires that you go beyond merely reciting what another author has stated on the topic. Consider why the other opinions or information are relevant and integrate the various ideas to support your argument rather than simply reciting the arguments of other scholars.)


  2. Clear, concise presentation of information/opinion (We will discuss appropriate organization of an APA research paper in greater detail later in the course. This requirement also includes the degree to which you argue your point and address opposing viewpoints.)


  3. Academic justification of information presented (Your argument must be supported with relevant information from credible sources. We will review type of credible resources later in the course.)




  1. Professional presentation style (You paper must be formatted according to APA guidelines, including a title page, body, reference page, and appropriate citations. Additionally, this requirement addresses grammar errors and readability.)

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Due By (Pacific Time) 07/21/2013 12:00 am
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