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It's for Psychology. Multiple choice. It's on Adolescence & Adulthood and Module 21 Health Stress & Coping.


Erikson believed that people in middle adulthood could achieve generativity through:

personal success

developing a healthy identity

industrious behavior

.    raising their own children





“I’ve noticed a change in William,” says Rolanda. “Yeah, he used to be confident and outgoing, and now he’s just the opposite,” replies Felicia. William appears to have experienced:

a reversal in role generativity

a reversal in self-esteem

a reversal in self-efficacy

.    role diffusion




In addition to the underdeveloped executive branch of the brain and the rush of hormones, teen drivers are at additional risk because:

of their lack of understanding of other well-established risks like using a cell phone while driving

their cars tend to be poorly maintained

of busy schedules

.    their cars tend to old and lack modern safety features


You are watching a reality TV show that depicts a teenager and her family. In one episode, the teen is irritable, cranky, and argumentative with her parents. Which brain area is most responsible for this type of behavior?


limbic system


.    corpus callosum




“Mom, you have no idea what it is like to grow up with young sisters who are brats! They get into my things all the time. You and Dad just don’t understand!” This teenager is most likely experiencing

preoperational thinking

conventional thinking

growth in her limbic system

.    authoritarian parenting



Lazarus has concluded that in stressful situations, our anxious feelings arise from:

he nature of the situation

our appraisal of the situation

the level of actual danger associated with the situation

.    the fight-or-flight response




Your great Aunt Lorelii says to always focus on the good things about a person. This best illustrates:

conventional bias

postconventional thinking

positivity bias

.    resiliency




If you experience panic disorder, you might have had an initial interpretation of the sweating, racing heart, and trembling:

as internal locus of control

as hardiness

as parasympathetic symptoms

.    as signs of a heart attack




Which of the following is hypothesized to be a reason for reversals in self-esteem among adolescents?

sexual behavior without contraception

changes in peer groups or parental relationships

early development of secondary sex characteristics

.    egocentric thinking


A coworker is starting to show signs of burnout, but refuses to take a vacation. According to Module Twenty-one, what is the best reason to take a vacation?

it reduces approach-approach conflict

it reduces the likelihood of burnout

it reduces avoidance-avoidance conflict

.    it is a successful treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder




Based upon findings of research, which is the best way to cope with an upcoming exam?

using emotion-focused coping

“I wish I could have had more study time.”

“There’s not much I can do about my grade, so why worry?”

.    “I can demonstrate to my professor that I really do know this material.”




Shirley has many allergies. She sleeps at a friend’s house under a bedspread that she believes is filled with goose down. Her eyes and nose run so much that she can’t sleep until she takes the bedspread out of the room. In the morning, the friend tells Shirley that the bedspread is filled with a synthetic material that she could not be allergic to. The friend is:

obviously lying to Shirley

possibly correct, but the pillow must have been down-filled

unaware that allergic reactions can flare up without any apparent cause

.    probably telling the truth, since psychological factors can affect Shirley’s immune system




The body’s defense and surveillance network of cells and chemicals that fight off bacteria and viruses is called the:

adrenal system

parasympathetic division


.    immune system




The ____ is likely to be better adjusted and have fewer psychological problems.

early maturing girl

late maturing girl

early maturing boy

.    late maturing boy



Phil is driving his wife, who is in labor, to the hospital. While his wife is about to deliver a baby, she yells to Phil to drive faster. Phil refuses and says, “It is against the law to speed.” Phil is probably at what stage of moral reasoning?

stage 1

stage 2

stage 4

stage 5


Compared to people with an external locus of control, people with an internal locus of control tend to:

develop fewer illness

think the world is a hostile place that one must learn to escape from internally

believe more that fate plays a bigger role in their lives

.    be Type A people



Gladys is 15 years old. She has just moved to a new high school. Someone dared her to get her nose pierced, and Gladys did. When asked why, she said that she just had to because of the dare. What is the best neurological explanation for her impulsiveness?

immature corpus callosum

immature reticular formation

her postconventional thinking

.    growth in her limbic system



In 2009, life expectancy in the US has set a record of ___ years.






One shortcoming of the Social Readjustment Rating Scale is that it:

fails to correlate with the development of psychosomatic problems

lists only a small number of major life events

makes no distinction between appraisal of positive and negative events

.    has not been normed with college students



The three parts of Selye’s general adaptation syndrome are:

perception, response, and recovery

perception, interpretation, and flight

alarm, resistance, and exhaustion

.    adaptation, modification, and adoption




Which type of appraisal elicits positive emotions, such as exhilaration?

a challenge appraisal

a fight appraisal

an arousal appraisal

.    a threat appraisal


LeRoy is listening to a story about a great American hero. This hero went through incredible odds and endured tremendous stress. Knowing what you do about stress, what personality trait did this hero undoubtedly possess that protected him from the harmful effects of stress?



external locus of control

.    hardiness




During a visit to the local shopping mall, Kim suddenly found her heart pounding, had trouble breathing, felt dizzy, started sweating, and felt as if she were going to die. She ran out of the mall to her car. Kim has experienced a:


conversion disorder

panic attack

.    somatoform disorder



Chin is in a close personal relationship that has much conflict. What is the best advice for Chin?

Chin should pretend that the conflict does not exist.

Chin should seek and develop other sources of strong social support.

Chin should develop an internal locus of control by really working at improving the relationship.

.    Chin should simply try to avoid the conflict by giving the other person more consideration.



Brenda and Krista have both just lost their jobs. Brenda says, “Let’s go shopping” and Krista agrees. This best illustrates:

dispositional coping

emotion-focused coping

metacognitive coping

.    problem-focused coping




What effect do harm/loss and threat appraisals have that challenge appraisals do not?

an increase in the activity of the parasympathetic division

lower physiological arousal

a triggering of physiological arousal

.    higher levels of negative emotion



Recent research suggests that ____ may have the strongest influence on our development.






We experience ____ when we try to reach some goal, but our efforts are blocked because of personal, social, or environmental limitations.







Which of the following would be a good address for a web page on psychoneuroimmunology to illustrate an underlying assumption?





Sharon does not take a cookie out of Mom’s cookie jar because she knows Mom will punish her if she does. Sharon is operating at which of Kohlberg’s levels of moral development?




.    stage 4























our appraisal of the situation



the level of actual danger associated with the situation



the fight-or-flight response

































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