Project #92382 - Anaylasis of Free Range Food Case

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Free Range’s roots go back to the mid-1980s, when local farms were disappearing all around the rural US.  Euell Gibbons, a Free Range executive, convinced its founder there was a business opportunity in selling organic dairy products while paying attention to environmental concerns.  Social responsibility has been at the core of the company from the start. In Gibbons’ view, making sure that the planet and its resources would continue to be available, and even flourish, for future generations to enjoy was the main goal; profits were merely the means that would help further this goal.

Free Range is willing to pay more for organic ingredients and is strongly committed to eco-friendly operations. After calculating how much energy it needs to run its plant, for instance, Free Range made an equivalent investment in environmental projects like reforestation. The company no longer puts plastic lids on its cottage cheese, saving about a million pounds of plastic a year, and its packaging carries messages about global warming, farmland protection, and genetically modified foods…In fact, its sales continue to increase by roughly 20% every year, making it a major player among U.S. cottage cheese brands. Now the company is considering going international, bringing its products and values to France, the United Kingdom, and beyond. 

I need part "c" of the body and all of the free range factors. 2-4 pages


a) Analyze the pros and cons of how at least two globalization strategies might apply to Free Range Foods:

            a. Outsourcing

            Pros; Lower labor costs, reduced recruitment costs, public image, faster delivery of product to market, risk-sharing

            Cons; Quality Control, outsourcing could hurt the company's image, risk of exposing confidential data, hidden costs, lack of customer focus

            b. Strategic Alliance

            Pros; learn skills, productive capacity, extend supply chain, provide distribution system, economic advantage, reduce risks and costs, cause cost per unit to decline

            Cons; potential competitor, lack of control, unequal benefits, merged reputations, liability

            c. Joint Venture

            Pros; Reducing risks, improving financial resources, sharing cost


            Cons; Reduced profit, reduced managerial participation, legal disputes


b) Identify the factors Free Range should review before deciding to go international            Culture of the country

Business Ethics

            Corporate Culture

            Company-wide commitment

            Cross border customers/Target Audience


            Direct or indirect method of export

            Product cost


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