Project #92379 - The Analytical Research Paper


The Analytical Research Paper

The Analytical Research Paper, then, is the culmination of The Analytical Research Project. For the Analytical Research Paper, you have analyzed a primary source relevant to the course topic, and now are ready to formulate a thesis claim about this evidence. Because this assignment emphasizes research undertaken for and communicated to an academic audience, you will integrate your secondary evidence into your analysis. This assignment should be 7-8 pages, double-spaced, typed in 12-point font, and set to 1” margins.


  • Analyze primary sources, what messages they convey in written, visual, and/or audio media.
  • Explore and make claims about how the messages are conveyed.
  • Discuss to whom the messages are conveyed and speculate about the effectiveness of this message for a specific audience.
  • Develop a complex thesis that makes a claim about how a primary source communicates a message to a specific audience.
  • Introduce complicating evidence and include what Writing Analyticallyterms an “evolving thesis.”
  • Demonstrate awareness about your role in the conversation about your research question and thesis by acknowledging what is at stake in your analysis. In other words, explain why your analysis matters.
  • Integrate secondary sources in a way that accounts for aspects of the academic conversation that are relevant to the paper’s thesis.
  • Include a title on the first page that reflects the complexity of the paper’s general purposes.
  • Include proper in-text citations of each source consulted or referred to, including the primary source which you’re analyzing, and an appropriately formatted Works Cited page following MLA guidelines. 
  • Observe the standards of academic writing discussed in class and avoid sentence-level errors and lapses in tone. Produce fluid and precise prose with appropriate transitions throughout.

Getting Started

In order to complete a sound Analytical Research Paper, you must engage with sources that will yield complex and compelling thesis claims when analyzed. You might consider these steps in order to get started on this assignment: 

  • Revisit your Secondary Source Analysis and your notes from our conference to determine how to begin your revisions toward a final ARP. 
  • If necessary, do additional research to find primary or secondary evidence to further support and/or complicate your analytical claims. 
  • Be sure that you have a complex thesis and that you are able to support it with evidence. 

Completing the Assignment

In the previous steps, you have developed analytical claims about the primary evidence, formulated research questions, found appropriate sources, and revised your analysis to integrate secondary evidence. Now you are ready to complete the Analytical Research Paper. You will want to focus on complicating and evolving your thesis, organizing your essay in a clear and logical fashion, and polishing your writing by paying attention to tone, style, and the mechanics of grammar. As you complete the assignment, consider these questions:

  1. Have I explored the primary evidence thoroughly and developed complex and compelling analytical claims? 
  2. Have I explained the connection between my analytical claims and the primary and secondary evidence thoroughly and clearly? 
  3. Am I making compelling arguments that reflect serious inquiry throughout the research process? 
  4. Have I composed and arranged my paper in a way that progresses logically and makes my meaning clear? 
  5. Have I appropriately cited the sources that I reference, both in my text and in my Works Cited? Have I observed the conventions of grammar and style expected in academic writing?

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/13/2015 12:00 am
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