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Please write 5-6 sentences on your own response to ALL the answerss as a whole, not EACH of the answers:

There should be 5-6 sentences PART 1, and another 5-6 sentences for PART 2:



1) It is challenging for people to believe in God because we all have our own beliefs. Yes, I do believe in God because I am a catholic and I was brought up in this faith. In our eyes sometimes God does great things but sometimes we see things that hurt us but our faith should allow us to move on, for example like a loss of a friend who left us at a young age. We have to believe that they were suffering and to stop suffering God help our friend by choosing a path for her spirit to live on. 

Jesus’s approach to the problem of suffering and evil he was a person in the midst of others, helping them as best he could with the difficulties of life. He succeeded in reviving people’s faith in themselves and with others.

2) Some of the significant moments in the life and teachings of Jesus were his simple but provocative stories and for all the good he did as he moved among the sick, the guilty, the alienated, and the powerful. His love was large enough to embrace everyone, and he had a gift for healing.

His death/resurrection is so crucial for Christians because this was the beginning of the Christian Church when God had raised him from the dead and glorified him, and that his message was to be preached to the ends of the earth.

Yes, in my opinion God is everywhere. I feel his presents everywhere. By believing in God you understand to true meaning of why he exists. We learn of his teachings and try to live by being a better person.

3) In my opinion the most convincing feminist approach to the problem of suffering and evil is from the Christian theologians Elizabeth Johnson and Dorothee Soelle their understanding of God divine power, love and compassion towards women and men for their suffering in life. As like today society women ideas should have the same equality as those of men, which is some countries women are still 2nd citizens. I thought that the entire feminist approaches were somehow connected because of theirs compassion for Gods thoughts on women and men.


4) In my opinion we all should study some kind of religion.  To understand religion is to understand ourselves. For a lot of people, religion is the most defining aspect of their lives and

we know very little of our neighbors religion. By studying religion it can help us understand our neighbors and what is important to them. Religion can help us reflect on the comparisons and differences between our own worldview and others.

 As I now attend a Jesuit University I see that the classes that I have taken have some learning’s of religion like philosophy, ethics, economics, arts etc. As you have stated we become a well round person when we are able to understand the concept of religion and why we study religion. It is never to late to learn about religion. It is the way of life.



(1) Why is the problem of evil so difficult to fathom for most people who believe in a god/gods?  Obviously, evil is problematic whether you are a theist, an atheist, or an agnostic - but why is it a challenge to belief in God?  What was Jesus' approach to this problem of suffering and evil?

Most people who believe in God find the problem of evil so difficult to fathom because they are convinced that the existence of evil was not a part of God’s plan and that evil only exists because we allow it to exist and not because God wanted it that way. It is because of our continued disobedience and sinful ways that we experience evil and that God allows this to exist in order to teach us all a lesson. Furthermore, it is a challenge to believe in God because of the amount of pain and suffering that exist. Those who doubt the existence of God, always present this argument in their defense. Having a belief in God is also a challenge because some nonbelievers have given up on hope as they continue to witness or victims of things that are associated with pain and suffering, as well as the widespread practice of evil throughout the world. The question most often asked is: If there is A God, why is there so much pain and suffering in the world?


(2)  What are some of the significant moments in the life and teachings of Jesus?  Why is his death/resurrection so crucial for Christians?  Does your own view of who Jesus was/is correspond with the information in chapter 5 of CF, or do you see him differently?

Some of the significant moments in the life and teachings of Jesus are many. Some od=f the significant moments include: (1) His birth. It is taught and believed that Jesus was born of a virgin, and his birth fulfilled prophecies of someone who came from the seed of Abraham, the tribe of Judah, and the family of David; (2) Miracles. These miracles included the healing of the sick, the blind, and of lepers; he also raised people from the dead, and he himself was resurrected. In addition, he performed powerful acts over nature such as the parting of the sea, turning water into wine, and walking on water. The teachings of Jesus are many, but some of his most notable teachings include his Sermon on the Mount, where he stated: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Other teachings include asking us to repent and turn away from evil, teaching us that heaven can be on earth, he showed compassion for all by helping the poor, the despised, the outcasts, and he taught us to have faith because it is enough.  


Yes, my belief in God does correspond with the information in Chapter 5 because his teachings are what were instilled in me as a child and they have governed how I have chosen to live my life.  Although it may at times be difficult, I do everything in my power to turn my back on evil things. I also show compassion for those who may not be as fortunate as I am by way of volunteerism, donations in the form of food, clothing, and money, and I take time with others who may be in need of some form of guidance.


(3)  Make sure you understand the biblical, classical, process and feminist approaches to the problem of suffering and evil.  In your own opinion, which is the most convincing?  Which is the least?  Why?   

To me, the most convincing approach to the problem of suffering and evil is the work of process philosophers and theologians. I have always been taught that there are other powers that control the world other than the powers of God, and that these powers can be of equal strength despite their evil intentions. However, it is our choice to make regarding which power we will allow to dominate us. His is why we turn to God in prayer as we give thanks, ask for his forgiveness, and seek his assistance. The least convincing to me is the classical approach because I do believe that there is evil and that it is nor God’s will for evil to exist in the world, and that God is not a loving God and chooses to do nothing about evil and suffering. This I firmly do not believe.



(4) Why study religion?

Just as we study other courses, the study of religion provides with tan opportunity to understand, appreciate, and take a critical look at other religious practices that are different from our own. As we live in a diverse and global society, not all people are religious or are from the same religion; therefore religious studies will help us to understand other who are similar and different in a more appreciative light. As in other courses of study, out knowledge base id broaden and we are able to engage in moments of intellectual discourse with others.


He study of religion is also another way though which we are able to broaden our critical thinking skills, as well as listen and understand others who are different and begin to further appreciate their contribution to the enrichment of our society. Moreover, the study of religion offers an opportunity for students to become more engaged in the process of interdisciplinary learning experience that exist on our institutions of higher learning.  Therefore, creating a well rounded individual who not only specializes in a specific area but is also able to learn and experience other facets of life.


Subject Philosophy
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