Project #92256 - System Implement & Training

In this week's iLab, you will be given a contemporary business case. You will be asked to evaluate and recommend a systems implementation approach based on the risk, cost, and time factors for each of the possible approaches.


Necessary Material(s):


  1. MS Word*
  2. MS SharePoint*: See the MS SharePoint Training Site, which contains SharePoint tutorials and a quick demo that you might find helpful. The demo shows some features we will not be using, but it will give you an idea of how SharePoint can be used. The tutorials are accessed via the SharePoint Server 2007 Training link on the left-hand side of the page. (You do not need to download any software).




  1. Word file with recommendations and justifications
  2. Document and announcement posted to MS SharePoint






STEP 1: Review information



  1. Re-read the case information given to you in iLab 1. Pay particular attention to the specifics for the following requirements of the case:
    • handle increased traffic
    • fault tolerant
    • customer service
    • stylish feel and appeal
    • handheld devices
    • notifications
    • new media
  2. Review the implementation approaches discussed in this week's reading assignment and lecture (full, phased, parallel, pilot, hybrid, etc.).


STEP 2: Recommend an Approach



  1. Recommend an implementation approach that you feel best fits this project. You may use a combination, if you feel that it is justified.
  2. In your recommendations, address each of the bulleted requirements listed above.
  3. Save this in a Word file named "LAB02.docx".


STEP 3: Justify Your Choices



  1. For each of the recommendations that you made above, write a brief justification. Your justification should clarify why you made that choice. You may want to include costs, security, scheduling, and risk considerations in your justifications.
  2. Add the justifications to your LAB02.docx file.




C.   STEP 4: Add to Calendar




D.     Based on your recommendation above, create an implementation activity that would be part of your approach. Add this activity to the calendar in MS SharePoint (it needs to be sometime in the next 30 days). When you add your calendar item, give a brief explanation of what it entails.


D.     To access the SharePoint site for this course, log in to the iLab platform, and on the main iLab applications menu, click the Internet Explorer icon (blue "e") labeled "BIS360 iLab SharePoint Site." This will take you to the top-level SharePoint site for all BIS360 sections. Review any announcements you see there. On the right side of the page, under Section Links, click the link for the particular section of BIS360 in which you are enrolled to go to your section's SharePoint site. Under Calendar, on the right side of the page, click the Add New Event to post your implementation activity.


STEP 5: Finish Up



  1. Format your document so that it is professional and presentable.
  2. Put the lab02.docx file in this week’s Dropbox.





Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/10/2015 12:00 am
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