Project #91991 - Public Health Nursing Competency

PHN (Public Health Nursing) Competency Activity #1

(Activities and Case Studies from the Population-based Public Health Clinical Manual: The Henry Street Model for Nurses by Schaffer, Garcia, and Schoon)

This assignment is worth 50 points.

Chapter 1- Introduction to Public Health Nursing Practice

1.       Choose and complete ONE- Activity/Case Study on pp. 11-12 OR pp. 15-16

Chapter 2- Evidence-Based Public Health Nursing Practice

1.       Choose and complete ONE- Activity/Case Study on p. 32 OR p. 33

2.       What do you think are the major differences between the nursing process and the public health nursing process?

Chapter 3- Competency #1- Applies the Public Health Nursing Process to Communities, Systems, Individuals, and Families

1.       Choose and complete ONE- Activity p. 58 OR p. 60

2.       Choose and complete ONE- Activity on p. 80 OR p. 81

Chapter 4- Competency #2- Utilizes Basic Epidemiological Principles in Public Health Nursing Practice

1.       As a public health nurse working in a community, identify three to five sources of state or federal level data you would want to use in demonstrating how your community issues compare to others. (Use the community you live in or your community of choice for the community assessment)

Chapter 5- Competency #3- Utilizes Collaboration to Achieve Public Health Goals

1.       Complete the reflective practice exercise on p. 129 by answering the first three questions.

Chapter 6- Competency #4- Works Within the Responsibility and Authority of the Governmental Public Health System

1.       Describe the relationship among the federal, state, and local levels of the public health system.

2.       How is the government involved in the delivery of community health services?

3.       Complete question #3 on p. 151 (under “Think, Explore, Do”)

Chapter 7- Competency #5- Practices Public Health Nursing Within the Auspices of the Nurse Practice Act

1.       Review the Evidence Example and table 7.2 on pp. 157-162. What public health interventions from the Public Health Intervention Wheel did Jennifer use? What skills and knowledge enabled Jennifer to practice independently? How did Jennifer collaborate with other individuals, groups, professionals, or organizations?

2.       What ethical accountabilities do public health nurses have?


3.       If you haven’t looked at the Nurse Practice Act before, be sure to look at it online for your state! It is long, but very necessary to save and be familiar with! Here is the link to our MO Nursing Practice Act and Rules (note- this is not just for PHNs, this is for all of you registered in the state of MO as an RN). Link=

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/08/2015 12:00 pm
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