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I have to respond to peer discussions based on what other students are messaging me. Everything in bold is what I wrote in my Mental Testing thread and the yellow highlight is what the student is commenting or vice versa. The scholar needs to have his/her own responds based on the thread and please highlight it in different color so I know what to copy and paste back to the student. Only paragraph in length. Please use this outline so I don’t get confuse as I have to go back to the portal and access each thread. I will attach this to the scholar so he/she can write the responses on this sheet. Thank you


Question 3: Mental Testing: Me

 Positive and negative aspects of the mental testing movement include: making long-term predictions concerning intellectual potentials, it helped in getting a better way of heredity interpretation. The negative impacts include the rise of ethnic and racial differences because hereditary interpretation seemed to have cultural biases, it did not measure innate intelligence and it limited opportunity for some people. I have personally had a mental test, Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (SB). Mental tests have become prevalent in the Modern American Society even though they have currently raised controversies pertaining ethnic and racial biases of the testers. I previously knew about Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale but did not know about his Wechsler Individual Achievement Test. it is used in the measurement of how well an individual understands a certain topic (Williams, 2014).



 Williams, Y. (2014). Psychological Test: Definition, Types & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript | Retrieved November 4, 2015, from




Student:  Glenn Campbell – Her responds to me


Mental/intelligence tests are used quiet frequently. For example, even though they have been shown to have no value in determining the success of students, IQ tests are still required to enter into graduate studies at many schools. I find this interesting because the tract record for IQ is poor. It was originally created to discriminate against children of "lower mental age." The reason being that in France, all children were required to attend public school. However, the government couldn't afford to educate all of the children. So the French government contracted Alfred Binet to create a tool to weed out those less likely to succeed. In more recent years, the IQ test has been found to be very biased based on culture. According to my Research Methods instructor at CSUSM, they have been unsuccessful in developing a test that is not culturally biased. It's interesting to examine the reasons why. For instance, how do you create a test that can accurately measure the intelligence of the average American AND lets say, the average nomadic tribesman in the savannas of Africa. These worlds that they live in are so different from one another, how do you create an accurate test. Their education is quiet different but their their intelligence is probably comparable.


 Scholar please respond to  student:




Scholar how would you respond to Paul Middleton regarding mental testing. he wrote this below in bold:


Mental testing in my opinion is redundant in a lot of ways. For one it can be completely biased as most people will try to answer questions according to whatever it is they think the examiner is seeking. Some questions often involve very personal aspects that may force people to lie to protect their privacy or distort who they really are. There are many types of mental tests, personality, mental disorder, work ethic surveys etc. this has become very common in American society today. It has become very prevalent in the workforce.  I have taken 2 of the aforementioned and they are not always representative of who I am. One test that has really struck me as odd is that there is an arguing ‘style’ test, which one would think that this is common especially for debating, but not so much irrational arguments, say,  in a relationship for example. I did not know that there was a test for this, so I decided I would take one and here is my result. I scored a 52 out of 100 and this is what the report said:


 There are times when you engage in arguing behaviors that can help end a fight quickly and satisfactorily for both parties, but it is not the norm for you. This might draw fights out longer than necessary because of misunderstandings. By listening carefully, looking for solutions and (horror of horrors) apologizing, you can begin to communicate more effectively with your partner. These tactics can serve to reassure your partner that you're working together towards a common goal. Couples who rely on positive tactics when fighting improve their overall satisfaction with their relationship and are more likely to stay together.


This test hit the nail on the head. But I think this kind of test focuses on actual scenarios that target one aspect of a relationship. However it is fascinating to get an objective look at how you argue. That’s what is most attractive about mental tests. Sometimes a test can cost you a job, or a security clearance based on a preset category of mentalities or personalities and none may represent the person 100%. This can have an effect on judicial outcomes as well which is what often makes mental testing controversial.


Experts, Y. (2014). Why Do We Feel The Need To Argue?. Psych Central. Retrieved on November 4, 2015, from


Psychology Today. (n.d.). Retrieved November 4, 2015, from


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Scholar how would you respond to Melissa Gabourie thread on Mental Testing


In reviewing various types of psychological testing that is currently utilized, I came across The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). The MMPI is a personality test that assesses personality traits and psychopathology. It is an examination that is primarily administered to individuals who are suspected of having mental health or clinical issues. This exam is currently available in two various forms and presents its audience with a multitude of true/false items to assess for 10 categories of abnormal human behavior including: Hypochondriasis, Depression, Hysteria, Psychopathic Deviate, Masculinity/Femininity, Paranoia, Psychasthenia, Schizophrenia, Hypomania, and Social Introversion. 


This exam is considered a protective psychological instrument; therefore you can only access the exam if you are trained in how to administer and score the exam. Currently, it is most common that patients/individuals take the exam on a computer and then follow up with a clinician immediately after to participate in a clinical interview in which their history and psychological concerns are reviewed. Following the examination, the psychologist scores the MMPI and writes a report to interpret the results for the individual.


 Jane Framingham (2011). Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI).  PsychCentral. Retrieved from




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Scholar how would you respond to Ruben Villalobos on Extra Credit Elizabeth Loftus


"Lost in the Mall", was the study where Elizabeth Loftus began her own type of work. In this study Lotftus found tht 1 of 5 participants could be led to believe that they had experienced an event that never happened. Loftus who is an American psychologist, an expert on human memory, was known for her studies of memory and applying these to forsenic settings. She is a well known and respected psychologist whom was ranked 58th in the "review of General Psychology" in 2002, 100 most eminent psychologists in the 20th centeury, Loftus was best known for her work on misinformation effect and eyewitnessmemory. She has been a requested speaker many times and has testified in many criminal cases.


Because of the work that she did she has also been highly criticized in cases that she testified involving rape and even murder. Many claiming that their abusers had been found not guilty because of her testimony. A large part of individuals who criticize her work are feminists because of the testimonies that Loftus states that memories can be modified by therapists. One of Loftus greatest scandles was the "Hoffman Report, this was an investigtion of the APA involving the government. The focus of the report is the involvement of the APA in sanctioning interrogation techniques that included torture, Two complaints were being made against Loftus and she resigned from the APA.




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