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You are an attorney practicing law in Prince George’s County, Maryland. A potential

client who lives in Montgomery County contacts you about a situation she confronts. The basic

facts are that this person, Mary, says that she was getting ready to make a right turn on red at the

intersection of Metzerott Road and University Boulevard in Prince George’s County, Maryland

to head West on University Boulevard towards Silver Spring, Maryland in Montgomery County.

When she stopped, she looked to her left and saw a vehicle in the distance but judged that she

had time to make the turn. She had her classmate Charlie in her car with her. When she made

the turn, it appeared that the on coming vehicle, operated by Tom, accelerated apparently trying

to beat the amber light at the intersection. A collision occurred to the rear of Mary’s vehicle.

The impact was so great that her vehicle was pushed across the two lanes to her left hitting

another vehicle that was going in the westbound direction. Mary’s vehicle hit a tree. She was

severely injured and taken to shock trauma in Baltimore by helicopter. Her passenger Charlie

was also severely injured.



Mary had medical bills of $25,000, lost wages of $20,000 and a 20% permanent

disability due to a rotor cuff tear and surgery to her right shoulder. Charlie had medical bills of

$15,000. He missed two weeks of work and lost about $5,000 in lost wages. He continues to be

afraid to be a passenger in anyone’s vehicle. He still complains of a pain in his neck. They both

had scarring from where they received stitches. Charlie walks with a limp and hurts on days that

are cold. Mary is fearful of driving. Mary’s 2015 Ford Explorer that she had just bought for

$42,000 was totaled. Both had to withdraw from their classes at UMUC.

The defendant Tom, the one who hit Mary, was determined to have been intoxicated. It

could not be determined whether he was speeding or whether he ran a red light. Under

Maryland law he would have enjoyed the right a way.



Analyze these facts. Respond to me as if you were responding to both Mary and Charlie

as to what causes of action, if any, they have against the defendant Tom. Compare and contrast

what the out come might be if Maryland was a comparative negligence state instead of one that

still has contributory negligence as a defense in a case like this. What would be the proper

jurisdiction and venue for any law suit? What type of case is this? What are the elements that

must be proved? What defenses does the defendant possibly have? What damages, if any, are

Mary and Charlie entitled to. What damages, if any, would Tom be entitled to? How are they

determined. Is Charlie’s situation different than Mary’s. THINK


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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2015 12:00 am
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