Project #90901 - The Portman Hotel case (Human Resources)

The Portman Hotel

Objective and end result

To capture the high level of complexity under which human resource management takes place, this course also use the case method to examine how human resource managers create and maintain competitive advantage for their organizations.  To this end, we will focus on how human resource managers formulate HR strategic decisions and manage the HR operational process.

The case analysis is individual assignment. The end result is a report of the assigned HRM case.

Content of the case analysis report

Please include the following topics in case analysis report (total 7 points for case analysis report):


1.       What is the PV system trying to accomplish? What are its business goals? (.5 point)

2.       Describe how original design of the PV system was supposed to work. (.5 point)

3.       What were the problems with the system? Were they problems of implementation or design? Explain. (.5 point)

4.       Did the 5-star system deal with the problems? (.5 point)

Action Plan

5.       What changes will you propose to approach the problems?

a.    What are the consequences of your choices? Explain. (.5point)

b.    Is your plan feasible with the cost constraint? Explain with projected number. How do you finance the cost? Include changed revenue, cost, and profit, timeline, risk of the change. (2point)

6.       What steps would you take in implementing your proposals?

a.    Who are winners and losers of your proposals? Consider all stakeholders. (1 point)

b.    How do you deal with “losers” and other possible resistance when you implement your proposal? (1 point)


7.       Summarize key findings of the case and the take-away lessons to be learned from the case.  (.5points)


 Please list your answer for each question by indicating which question you are answering. Please be thorough in your answer while keeping it short. There is no number of pages required.


Grading is detailed in the topic section above. Poor writing not conforming to the report format detailed below will result in up to 5 points losses. Late or improper submission (submission not via the Blackboard turnitin) will result in zero.

Report Format

The paper should be 10 pages, double spaced.  Here are other specific requirements:

    Use proper citations for references to the textbook and case materials (APA style-see

    Use full sentences throughout the paper.  Do not include fragmented or incomplete sentences anywhere in the paper.

    Proofread or take it to the writing center for a second opinion.

    The report should be typed using MS Word or equivalent software.

    Page numbers should be at the bottom of each page on all pages.

    Please refer to the COB writing rubric (in syllabus) to check your writing.




Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/23/2015 12:00 am
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