Project #90784 - $10 paper proposal SOCIOLOGY of Families

*10$ Assignment BUT this is the proposal to a paper that will be much larger that will be due in a month from now but I need the proposl tonight. I WILL SEND THE FINAL RUBRIC TO THE SCHOLAR 

Guidelines for Proposed Topic and References for Final Paper


Step 1 - Choose a topic. Write your topic in one sentence.

Some examples: #1 - I am interested in middle-class marriages.

#2 - I am interested in Latino parent-child relationships.

#3 - I am interested in the effects of divorce on children.


Step 3 - Break your topic into three subtopics. This will make it easier to write.

Some examples (based on above examples)

#1 – Marital closeness (also called cohesion), communication (agreement), marital satisfaction

#2 – Latino parents’ relationships with preschool age children, school-age children, adolescents and/or young adults

#3 – Effects on the parent-child relationship, effects on academic performance, effects of interpersonal or romantic relationships


Step 3 - Finding journal references for your paper

Page 8 of the course outline tells you how many references you need to be considered for a grade of A,B, or C. This does not guarantee that you will earn this grade. Page 8 also tells you what kinds of references you need for this paper. You can use professional journal articles, textbooks from our class or other classes, and government only (federal, state, local, or from other country’s governments) internet sources. You need two articles or references from our class. Any article in the Cherlin reader is acceptable, even if we do not read it for this class.


  1. Locating references from professional journal articles

  1. Go to the CSUF home page

  2. Select the tab, “Libraryâ€Â

  3. On the library home page, select the tab, “Data basesâ€Â.

  4. Write in the space, psycinfo. This data base has the largest selection of research articles on the family.

  5. When you get to psycinfo, go to the Thesaurus and write in your term. You may have to use separate lines for each part of your topic

Example: Latinos, parent- child relations

  1. You can use other library resources or Google Scholar for finding references

  2. There is an APA reference format in the Class Business section.


  1. Some tips:


  1. You might want to do Step 3 before you do Step 2. Step 3 could give you ideas about subtopics

  2. Turn in your topic and references to the Assignment icon for this assignment. It is located in the Class Business section of Titanium.

  3. Your proposal should have a cover page with the title of your paper, one sentence identifying your topic, your three subtopics and your references in a correct reference format. Please see the writing guidelines on our course outline. If you are unfamiliar with a reference format, please use the posted APA format.

  4. This assignment is due by 11:55 p.m., Mon., Nov. 2. I will give you feedback on your proposal to guide you in writing your paper.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/02/2015 10:00 pm
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