Project #90710 - text analysis

garde 12 eglish assignment on story :Homecoming

must include :

-Plan of action

-2-4 quotes per body paragraph

-explain and anlayse literarly elements

-750 words

-solid theme

***see attached file***

Introduction to College English (1436)

Second Essay (20%)


Your task is to write a thematic essay of 750 words (minimum) on the short story “Homecoming” by Sunera Thobani (available in your course pack).  Your essay will be written at home, but you will have the opportunity to peer-edit your introduction and your outline in class.  Your essay must have a statement of theme as its thesis (ex. Thobani suggests that….) and must look at literary elements (i.e. character, narrative point of view, imagery, plot, symbolism, metaphor, simile, mood, foreshadowing, setting, irony, conflict, etc.) in order to demonstrate the theme.  You must use at least two direct quotations per paragraph and reference the page number correctly using MLA format.  You must have an original title, an introduction, three body paragraphs (each with its own topic sentence and summary sentence) and a conclusion.  You must double-space your writing and type and staple the final version.  You must also include a Work Cited list at the end of your essay.  Your final draft must include your name, the date you submitted the assignment, the course and section number, and your teacher’s name.  It will be submitted both in class and on (details below).  Failure to respect these basic formatting guidelines will result in your essay being returned to you for editing; late penalties may apply.

You should consider this assignment as a practice for your final essay at the end of the semester.  The important thing is to show me your interpretation of the text. 

Peer-editing session in class: Monday, October 19th      

Deadline to submit your essays to me via MIO: Monday, October 26th at 7pm

Workshop Class:  Monday, November 2nd

Final Deadline: Thursday, November 5th, in class and on








You show that you understand the text

You have a clear & valid thesis

Your points support your thesis appropriately

You use examples and quotes in a relevant, specific & analytical way

You present a unique and interesting take on the material that shows thoughtfulness and depth




You have a clear introduction and conclusion

Your paragraphs have proper topic sentences, are indented, and are clearly organized

Your ideas build upon each other and are easy to follow

Your quotes are properly integrated

You identify sources and page numbers for quotes

You use transitions effectively


You choose words that are appropriate, specific and clear

Your written expression is easy to understand

You have edited your essay for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and formatting errors

You refer to the title and author






TOTAL:   _____/60

Instructions for Submission

When you hand in your essay, you must hand in a printed copy, in class, and another copy must be submitted to  Below you will find instructions on how to use

·         If you do not already have an account, then you will need to create one.  Go to and click on “Create an Account” in the top, right-hand corner of the page.  You will sign in as a “student.”

·         In order to access our class, you need the class ID: 10864178 and the enrollment password: Fall2015.

·         Once you have created an account, you will be able to log in next time using your email address and the password you create.

·         When you access the page for our class, you will be able to see the upcoming assignments and when they are due.  You can click on “Submit” to upload or copy and paste your assignment.  Once you have done so, you can resubmit your assignment up until the due date.  When you submit an assignment, a receipt is generated for you to show that the system has in fact received your assignment.

·         The version that you submit in class will be graded and returned to you in class.  There will not be any grades posted on; we are simply using the system to generate originality reports.

·         Try to avoid waiting until the last minute to create your account. 

·         If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to come and see me.





Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/02/2015 11:59 pm
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