Project #90121 - Argument: Should cell phones be allowed in school

Argument - - Topic must have opposing points of view—The purpose of this paper is to take a position on your topic and support that position with credible research. Briefly address the opposing point of view.



Purpose of the introduction: engage the audience with a provocative statement, question, or anecdote and state the main point of the argument—the thesis. For the argument paper, this will be the writer’s position on the topic.

·         Brief description of the argument

·         Pose a question—may be the research question

·         Use an anecdote—a brief hypothetical or personal story that illustrates the topic

·         Brief historical timeline of the evolution of the topic—the development stages

·         Quotation that supports the writer’s position on the topic




  • Conduct research using Bell Library databases and credible, well-known web sites, (e.g. Amer. Cancer Society, Amer. Lung Assn.);Wikipedia is not a credible source for academic research and will not be accepted 
  • State a strong thesis (the main point you want to make about your topic) that clearly presents your position on your topic to the audience
  • Present opposing points of view—conflicting arguments about your topic
  • Offer evidence from credible sources that support your thesis—address the opposing side, but then put your spin on it.
  • Avoid using first person (“I”) except for direct personal experience. In academic writing you are presenting facts, being objective, not editorializing.
  • Respond to research information with your critical thinking and reflection on your topic—think critically about the information you are presenting—analyze it—respond to it in 3rd person. For example--Writer presenting research: In Headed for Disaster,” the author asserts that “there are many environmental alarm bells such as melting ice shelves that signal global warming” (Smith 215). Writer’s critical thinking: However, Smith fails to take into consideration other researchers who believe that the climate is just in a natural cycle of warming. Maybe global warming theorists are jumping the gun. The writer has expressed an opinion using 3rd person and avoided using “I think” or “I believe.”
  • Cite in MLA format all sources (minimum) in your paper (in-text) and on the Works Cited page.

Portfolio 2: Required contents: Staple all parts together in this order:

Final Draft— the heading on the first page must include your section: ENGL 1302.___; header (last name and page number) at top right of each numbered page, Works Cited is the last numbered page. Use align text left—do not justify margins. Use the MLA model document at the MLA link on Course Content as a paper format and MLA citation guide.

Peer-Review Form

Length: 6 pages of text minimum, 1 separate page (last page of paper) for Works Cited

Works Cited: minimum of research sources cited in your paper and on your Works Cited page. Do not use Wikipedia as a source.

Documentation Style: MLA—consult model MLA document at the MLA link on Course Content.

Font size: 12 pt.—no larger or smaller

Font styles: Times New Roman, Verdana, or Arial only

Grading Criteria--elements that contribute to your grade:

·         Clear introduction

·         Clear, arguable thesis

·         Adequate support for points

·         Multiple perspectives—reasonable opposing viewpoints

·         Critical thinking and reflection including personal experience and/or observation if relevant

·         Good organization

·         Effective paragraphing and paragraph structure

·         Smooth transitions between paragraphs; do not refer to the paper in the paper

·         Sources cited in-text and on works cited list

·         Correct MLA documentation and paper format

·         Correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, syntax

Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/01/2015 12:00 pm
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