Project #90027 - Capstone assignment

For this assignment you are required to develop a Research Design Proposal, which after further work later in the course will become the third chapter of your final project, Chapter 3: Research Design and Methodology.


This chapter cannot be finalized until the actual research involved has been completed as part of your work in Modules 4 and 5. You will have to return to Chapter 3 in Module 6 and write a final draft before you submit the final capstone.


At this stage, you should be making an initial determination of the following:


  • research perspective

  • research type

  • research method


you will use when producing your capstone paper. An overview of these essential concepts is presented in Chapter 5 of the Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation textbook.


After making an initial determination of which perspective, type and method are best suited for your purposes, you will start to develop your research design proposal, which is a specific plan for studying a research problem that has been identified. An overview of the research design is presented in Chapter 9 of the Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation textbook.


Tips for Reporting on Methods of Data Collection

For Research and Applied Projects:

Picture someone reading your Capstone and preparing to replicate your exact study. This scholar wants to walk in your shoes and do EXACTLY what you did to collect data. The steps leading to the discovery of the answer to each sub question should be clearly enumerated. Each separate sub question must be described in its own way. Make the job of replication as easy as possible for the scholar who wishes to extend your research.


For Creative Projects:

Explain exactly how you went about developing your product. Picture someone trying to emulate what you have done. You have no data, but you certainly can give advice to budding artists, writers, or musicians.

Development and Structure of Your Research Design Proposal

You will develop your research design proposal according to the outline given below.

Content from this research design proposal will represent the formation of Chapter 3, which you will write following the actual execution of the design.


Submit your research design proposal in the following format:


  • Introductory paragraph:

State your major and sub research questions that you are attempting to answer in your capstone project. Then identify your research design and how that design accommodates your purpose.

  • Body paragraphs:

  1. Plan of Action: Describe your plan of action based upon how your research design relates to your project.

  2. Research Methodology for Data Collection for Research and Applied Projects: Introduce each sub question and explain in the paragraph how you will answer it. Take the reader step-by-step as you do your research. Explain what your sources of information are.

  3. Research Methodology for Creative Projects: Introduce each sub question. Explain what you plan to do to achieve the goals you have set for your Creative Project. Will you write something, draw something, or compose something to fulfill the need expressed in your sub questions? You may have to customize the procedures for achieving your goals if you are producing a Creative Project; contact your mentor for assistance.

  • Concluding paragraph:

Organization and Analysis of Data: Explain how you will organize, then analyze the data leading to your project.


Use the Add submission button to submit your assignment.

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