Project #89560 - Psychology

AH Project 1: Analyze Your Bedroom


The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about the relationship between you own personal environment and your personality. It will be completed in four parts as follows:


I    The first part is where you will analyze your own personality:


1)   -Using the results from the two personality tests, describe yourself using Trait Theory.

2)   -What are your cardinal, central, secondary, surface, and common traits?

3)   -What is your Social Identity (i.e. what social, religious, cultural… groups do you identify with? Such as: Jewish, gay, student…)

4)  - How would you honestly describe your gender identity (i.e. strongly masculine, somewhat feminine)

5)   -What other identifying information is important to your self-concept?


II   The second part is where you will analyze your bedroom:

1)   -Describe the physical properties of your room (e.g. colors, materials, size, furniture, style…)

2)   -What is your overall impression of your room? What five words would you use to describe your room?

3)   -Ask a few friends over and talk to them about their impressions of your room.

4)   -Would you consider your room feminine, masculine, androgynous? Why?

5)   -Do you/others feel over or understimulated while in your room? Why?

6)   -Is it Legible? Coherent (Kaplan & Kaplan)? Is it Congruent (Berlyne)? Why/How?

7)  -Is it aesthetically beautiful subjectively (Kant) and objectively (Collings)? Why?

8)   -Explain if and how there are front stage or back stage regions of the room?

9)   -How does this room resemble your childhood room? Does your childhood room bring back positive or negative associations?


III  The third part is where you will synthesize the information from parts one and two:

1)   -Do you feel the room matches your personality? Why?

2)  - What words that you used to describe yourself were similar to the words that either you or your friends used to describe your room?

3)   -What objects of meaning (e.g. symbols of your social identity) are displayed? How/where are they displayed (i.e. are they placed in a prominent position, at eye level?)?

4)   -How else does the room either express or validate your various identities (e.g. gender, changing self, possible self…)?

5)   -If you could change the room and money were no object, what would you do? Why would you make those changes


IV   The last part is where you reflect on what you learned.

Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/27/2015 09:00 pm
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