Project #89301 - Homework

This is an open book style. You can look up information in the articles we’ve read during class, on the web, or from other sources but answers must be in your own words. Type your responses directly into the assignment text area below each question. Use as much space as you need.Please take your time and read each question carefully failure to do so will constitute you losing points on the final examination.


Submitting Your Examination

To complete this examination and receive full credit, you must submit your completed work to your Assignments Folder, unless you encounter problems--discussed above). It is your responsibility to make sure you have posted your final examination CORRECTLY! Once you have posted your examination, immediately attempt to view it, just to make sure your post was accepted by LEO, that it is formatted correctly, and you have posted the correct file.


Do Your Own Work


UMUC has strict policies regarding turning in work that is not 100% your own creation. I will enforce these policies.

Additional Instructions


Answers should be in plain, non-bolded text below the question.

Good Luck!


Short Answer (1 – 2 Words) – 15 Points

  1.     What is a graphic that appears to be animated?


  1.     Changes to society and cultures through technology are referred to as….



  1.     What is the ability to protect IP referred to as?

  2.     What are charts / graphics generally referred to as?


  1.     Online business is generally referred to as…


Brief Answer (1 – 2 Sentences) – 35 Points

  1.     What is Digital Media? Provide a real-world example.

  2.     What is participatory media? Provide a real-world example.

  3.     What value does an infographic provide?


  1.     Is peer to peer sharing of material illegal?


  1.     Name three societal impacts resulting from increase of digital media.


  1.     What is the difference between usability and accessibility?





Essay (5– 10 Sentences-Note: Sentence guideline does NOT include any quoted material)– 50 Points. All quoted material must be cited using APA format failure to do so will result in a reduction in points. Grammar and spelling errors will also mandate a reduction in points throughout the final exam.


  1.     What is Web Technology? Define and provide two examples of web technology and where is has been implemented.







  1.     How has digitization changed the manner in which society consumes information? 







  1.     How has perception of information by the public changed as a result of digital media? 






  1.     How have brick and mortar businesses been affected by online business? 







  1.     How do you effectively evaluate web / online resources?













Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/30/2015 12:00 am
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