Project #89189 - statistics

A random samples tends not to be an exact replica of its parent population. This fact has a number of implications. Indicate which are true and which are false.

a) All possible random samples can include a few samples that are exact replicas of the population, but most samples aren't exact replicas.

b) a More representative sample can be obtained by hand picking(rather than randomly selecting) observations.

c) Insofar as it misrepresents the parent population, a random sample can cause and erroneous generalization.

d)In practice, the mean of a single random sample is evaluated relative to the variability of means for all possible random samples.

9.9 If we took a random sample of 35 subjects from some population, the associated sampling distribution of the mean would have the following properties (true or false)

A) Mean would equal the one sample mean

B) Shape would approximate the shape of the population

C) Mean would equal the population mean.

D) Variability would equal the population variability.

9.10 Indicate whether the following statements are true of false. The sampling distribution of the mean.

1) Serves as a bridge to aid generalizations from sample to a population.

2)is the same as the sample mean

3) always reflects the shape of the underlying population.

4) has a mean that always coincides with the population mean.

5) is a device used to determine the effect of variability, that is, what can happen, just by change, when samples are random.

6) remains unchanged even with shifts to a new population or sample size.

7) supplies a spectrum of possibilities againts which to evaluate the one observed sample mean.

tends to cluster more closely about the population mean with increases in sample size.

9.11. Someone claims that, since the mean of the sampling distribution equals the population mean, any sinlge mean must also equal the population mean. Any comment?

9.12 Given that population stadard deviation euqals 24, how large must the sample size, n, be in order for the standard error equal

a) 8  b) 6  c) 3  d)2   ( please I need the equation)

A random sample of size 144 is taken from the local population of grade-school children estimates the number of hours per week spend watching TV. At this point, what can be said about the sampling distribution?

Assume that a standard deviation, o, of 8 hours describes the TV estimates for the local population of schoolchildren , at this point what can be said about sampling distribution?

Assume that a mean, m (miu) of 21 hours describes the TV estimates for the local population of schoolchildren. Now what can be said a sampling distribution?

Roughly speaking, the sample means in the sampling distribution should deviate, on average, about _______ hours from the mean of the sampling distribution and from the mean population. 

About 95 percent of the sample means in this sampling distribution should be between____hours and ______hours

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