Project #88669 - Psychology discussion

1.Leaving home can be the best and worst of times. Many young people or college students can remember being wild and crazy.  

Drinking, drugs, sex, parties, and crazy dating.  

Share an experience you are willing to share with your classmates. What did you learn from that experience.


What do you think about sexual fantasizing? Is it harmful, or is it a good way to enrich one's sexual expression. 


Share a fantasy you are willing to share with your classmates.


Respond to student 1. 

My birthday is in mid November, so when I attended college my freshman year I started at the age of 17 unlike my other peers who were mostly 18 already, so throughout my college years I was always the younger one because my birthday was so late in the year. When you first attend college you feel like you have the most freedom in the world Mommy and Daddy aren't able to watch your every move. I recall one night me and my friends decided we were going to go out to a few college parties get a few drinks and enjoy our night. I've never been a heavy drinker, any who on our way back to campus one of my friends got extremely drunk, we were in the car coming back and we turn the corner and I remember her flying into my lap and everything just felt hot my immediate reaction was to jump out the car. As the car is going I'm opening the door screaming stop the car she threw up on me! When we pulled over I immediately got out and stripped out of clothes then told her to get out and we going to have to fight. I'm not the fighting type but being that I'm not big on drinking I was highly pissed off that she threw up on me and she didn't tell anyone she felt sick. As I think back on this experience it teaches me never to go above your limit if you are going to drink and to stay calm in certain situations because the outcome can be something that can hurt you in the long run.


I believe sexual fantasizing is completely harmless. The reason being is for someone who can be sexual abstinent it can kind of help you cause your able to see certain things that you would want to do when the right time come for you. Even for people who are sexually active it gives you a enrichment of ideas for sex and how you would like to be pleased and what you could do to please your partner.  


2. Choose 1 of the following sexual or HIV:


Which of the sexual variations listed below seems to you to be the most abnormal? 

-       exhibitionism

-       paedophilia, sex with children.

-       fetishism – sex with inanimate objects.

-       sadism – sexual pleasure from inflecting pain.

-       masochism – suffering from pain or humiliation.

-       necrophilia – sexual desire for corpses.

-       zoophilia or bestiality – sexual desire for animals.

-       urophilia or coprophilia – arousal from contact with urine or feces.

-       frotteurnism – rubbing the genitals against a clothed person in a confined space such as the Underground or subway.  


Do you think HIV/AIDS is more prevalent among the poor and less educated?



Respond to Student 2. I had a hard time deciding which one I feel is abnormal, as they are all abnormal to me. However, since I have to chose from the list of sexual variation I will say that necrophilia- sexual desire for corpses will be one of the variations as the most abnormal. The reason I say that is I believe that is completely disgusting and weird. That a person could have the desire to have sex with someone who can not enjoy the interaction with you, to be laying there with a body that has no soul and a cold body its like interrupting the dead and invading them somewhat like sexual assault instead the individual is deceased.  



3. What do you think about sexual abstinence?   Are their any benefits?  Explain.

Would you rather be desired, loved, have a peaceful relationship or needed by your significant other and why. 


Respond to Student 3.

  I can relate to this question. Prior to my arrival to South Korea January of this year, I allowed my "sexual appetite" to get a bit out of hand while I was living in San Antonio the past 4 years. By the time I did realize how bad it was it was a tad bit too late. Too long of a story to discuss for this post but the outcome was life changing. I lost a few friends that I miss dearly and also conceived my second daughter. My mindset coming to Korea was 100% not getting involved with anyone sexually while I'm here. The first couple of months were hard but it has become a lot easier over time. Now I have gone on dates and a few make out sessions but I was able to control myself and not let things get beyond where I wanted them to. It's funny to think about because I have had a couple of women ask me if I was gay because I said no to sex. I laughed at the question but walked away knowing that without sex, they really didn't have much to offer me.




Discussion 4. 

Variations in Sexual Behavior:


Explain something you learn from this source.



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