Project #88494 - Personas


If you are doing this activity individually, based on the results of the data you gathered, define at least two representative

personas that capture the essential aspects of potential users of the product. Remember that personas represent types

of users, they are not reports about individuals you interviewed.

Individually, two personas are required, but may not be enough to given your research; include more if needed. Personas

should be created through discussion with your whole group. It is not consistent with the correct analytical method to

“divide up” the work of creating personas. For example, it doesn’t make sense to say, “You come up with a persona, and I’ll

come up with a persona.” The work of creating the persona descriptions can be divided up; however, the set of personas

you come up with as a group should be generated by looking at your research as a whole.

After analyzing your user research, you should create a one-page description for each persona, including the following


Fictitious Name. Give a first name only. Should be fictitious. Can be an alliterative name, like “Teach me Tina” or

“Novice Noel.” Sample photo or sketch to represent the persona is recommended, but optional. Don’t choose a

silly photo/graphic.

Key distinguishing feature. Provide a short description that summarizes how this persona is distinct from the

others. For example, “Experienced Power User” or ” “Budget-conscious Beginner”

Photo. Find a photo (or illustration) that represents what this person might look like. Find a photo that will help you

connect with and identify the persona.

Profile. A brief description of the person, including: age, gender, school, major. Include other characteristics, if you

feel these add to, or round out, the person.

Goals and Motivations. List the goals or motivations this person has (related to the themes you investigated in your


Concerns, Frustrations and Pain Points. List some key concerns, frustrations and/or pain points this person has

related to the design challenge.

Quotation. If you have quotations directly from your interviews that are especially telling or representative of

a particular persona, use them, or invent a quotation that captures characteristics of the persona.

Scenarios. Two problem scenarios (sometimes called context scenarios) that tell us about how this persona behaves

within a context related to this challenge. Scenarios are short (sometimes longer) narrative descriptions of the

user in a situation that reflects their needs with regard to the problem space. The scenarios that are requested on

the personas should pertain to the "current state." That is, they should NOT portray a situation in which the

persona is using your new (yet to be designed) application or web site. Rather, it should describe a situation

(related to the design challenge) that tells the reader about what they currently do and what their current needs,

goals, and issues are.



What to Hand In:

Create a single PDF document that contains the following:

Overview. Briefly introduce the design challenge, describe the interview method(s) your team members used, and

explain why personas are important to the design process. Approximately 3 paragraphs.

Personas. Include one page for each persona as described above. Take care to display the information well so that it

is easy to read. A neat layout and visual interest can make personas more compelling.

Group Work (if applicable). Briefly state how individual team members contributed to completing this assignment.





Design Challenge

You’ve been hired by a streaming music service to design a mobile application

that creates a music experience for users while working out. Consider ways in which a novel

system can use music to help users enhance, track or inspire their performance.

To address this challenge, you will conduct a user-centered design process. Your first step will be to do some

design research so that you can find out about user needs and the context. You may already have some ideas for

a product; however, keep in mind that you must first have a good understanding of the actual needs and goals


people have before going too far forward with specific solutions.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/22/2015 09:00 am
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