Project #88320 - Communication

Please post a summary overview and brief outline of your analysis paper


Each application paper should be approximately 4-5 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins on all sides), excluding title page and references. Please number your pages in the upper right-hand corner. Please include a title page with the title of your paper, your name, this course number (COMM 303), instructor name, and semester (Fall 2015). You should use section headers in between each main section. Section headers should be centered and bolded. 


You should use American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for citing any sources used and for creating your reference list. 


The purpose of this second assignment is for you to apply concepts from contemporary theories of organizationalcommunication to understanding the experiences of a specific individual within an organization. For this assignment, you are to conduct an informational interview who is working in a position of interest for you or who is working in a type of organization that you would eventually like to work in. This should be someone who is NOT in your current network, but instead should be someone who you found specifically for this assignment or a friend of a friend or acquaintance. 


I strongly encourage you to use this assignment to help you in understanding a career area or organization of interest for you! Please make this assignment personally meaningful!


For this assignment, you are to

Gather information about the career area or organization, and

Analyze the organization of your interviewee in terms of a systems perspective, gender, leadership, or cultural perspective



Your paper should consist of the following sections:

Introduction(~0.5 page) Introduce reader to purpose of paper and topic of paper. States your thesis. Provides an explicit preview of the key sections of your paper. 


Interviewee and Profession Background(~1-1.5 pagesDescribe the background of your interviewee and why you selected him/her to interview. How did you make a connection with this interviewee? What is his/her career area? What does his/her organization do? What does his/her department or unit within the organization do? What are the job responsibilities of your interviewee? What would you interviewee suggest for you to do to make yourself a marketable job candidate in his/her profession? 



Overview of Perspective: (~1 page) For the key chapter that you are applying (on systems theory, gender, leadership, or culture), define and explain the specific perspective you are applying and key relevant concepts. 


Application: (~1.5 pages) Apply key concepts from the perspective to the experiences of your interviewee. Specific examples of communication should be provided throughout and how the concepts relate to the examples should be directly and explicitly explained


Conclusion: (~0.5 page) Summarize paper. You should state at least three key ideas you learned regarding your interviewee’s career area or about organizational communication from applying your key perspective. 


References: Provide a list of the sources of information you utilized. Minimally, I expect that your text book will be cited in your reference list. 



Grading Criteria for Application Paper Two





Structure of Paper

Clear introduction, main sections, and conclusion with distinct transitions in between each; body of paper previewed in introduction; thesis presented clearly in introduction; theoretical perspectives to be applied are identified (4 pts.)

Clear introduction, main sections, and conclusion; thesis presented clearly in introduction; theoretical perspectives to be applied are identified(3 pts.)

Structure of paper may be difficult to figure out; thesis and preview unclearly presented (0-2 pts.)

Interviewee and Career Area Background

Describethe background of the interviewee and why s/he was selected; explained connection with interviewee; interviewee NOT a part of student’s current network; identified career area of interviewee and provided background organization; explained activities of organization and organizational unit of interviewee; described in detail interviewee job responsibilities; discussed interviewee recommendations to student on how to be a marketable job candidate (7-8 pts.)

Addressed most but not all of the areas specified for excellent; some details may have been vague or left out completely (5-6 pt.)

Missing important background information about the interviewee, his/her career, department or organization (0-4 pts.)

Overview of Perspectives

Accurately defines and explains selected perspective and concepts from the theoretical perspective; explains theperspective’s view of communication (7-8 pts.)

Accurately defines key theory or concepts from the theoretical perspective; explains the perspective’s view of communication; some explanations may be unclear or missing (5-6 pts.)

Does not meet at least one of the criteria described for passing (0-4pts.)


Accurately applies specific concepts from the theoretical perspective to specific examples of communication; explains how the concepts relate to the key concepts identified; relates application to paper thesis (7-8 pts.)

Meets most of the criteria for excellent (5-6 pts.)

Analysis may be unclearly organized; may not address communication; data non-specific or based on personal memories (0-4pts.)


Summarizes key ideas of paper; provides and explains 3 recommendations or best practices that have clear connections to the application section of the paper; provides thoughtful reflection of what student individually learned from project (4 pts.)

Meets most of the criteria for excellent (3pts.)

Barely meets one of the criteria for excellent (0-2pts.)

References (useapointdeduction scale)

Scholarly sources are cited using APA formatting—no points deducted

Sources are cited, but APA formatting guidelines may not be strictly used—a deduction of 3-6 points

Sources not cited—this can result in a failing grade on the assignment. 


Nearly or completely free of spelling and grammatical errors; paper structure is clear and follows assignment guidelines; writing flows well and smoothly--no points deducted

A few spelling or grammatical errors per page; structure discernible; some areas of awkward writing—1-3 points deducted

Frequent spelling or grammatical errors; did not follow structure guidelines for assignment; several areas of awkward writing—4-12 points deducted

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/05/2015 12:00 am
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