Project #88309 - New Business Development : Business Plan

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1) Summative_Assignment_2_ Instructions & Requirements


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New Business Development

Assessment 2
Assignment 2:  The Business Plan


Module code


ILP 326

Module title


New Business Development

Module tutor





Business Plan





Size and/or time limits for assessment


3000 words excluding appendices

Deadline of submission

Your attention is drawn to the penalties for late submission; see Undergraduate Modular Scheme


18 November 2015

Sunday by 11.59pm


Arrangements for submission



Students with Disabilities

Alternative assessment arrangements may be made, where appropriate, for students with disabilities.  



Assessment Regulations

All assessments are subject to the University Regulations for Assessment,  These include regulations relating to Errors of Attribution and Assessment Offences.  In exercising their judgement, Examiners may  penalise any work where the standard of English, numeracy or presentation adversely affects the quality of the work, or where the work submitted exceeds the published size or time limits, or where the work fails to follow normal academic conventions for acknowledging sources 


Please note regulation regarding correct referencing conventions


The requirements for the assessment

This should take the following format:- "Research, develop and publish a business plan for a new enterprise within any industry".

It should include the sections outlined below

Executive Summary

1.0. Company Description

2.0. Market Environment

3.0. Marketing Plan

4.0. Management Plan

5.0. Operations Plan 

6.0. Financial Plan

7.0. Contingency Plan


A) All reports should be word-processed printed double-spaced on white paper in 12pt Times New Roman font. 

B) The new business MUST be located in Malaysia and all the costs incurred must be written in Malaysia Ringgit (RM).

C) The budget provided is RM 500,000 (yourself) + RM 500,000 (borrow from bank) =RM1,000,000 ONLY in creating a new business. 


D) All the citation, quotation and references list must be written in Harvard Referencing Style.


Special instructions

The second assessment is designed to build on the initial proposal. However, if a student wishes, an alternate concept can be developed: although the Assessment 1 mark will be carried forward.


The assignment must be an individual piece of work.


Attach the TURNITIN report (the first page only – with similarity index) after the appendices.



Include the attached assessment criteria in your report as your last page and page number is not required for this particular page. 


Assessment criteria 

The assessment criteria are attached


Careful referencing of sources is vital when making use of the work of others.  You are expected to employ the referencing conventions recommended by your Institution.  These conventions apply to information taken from internet sources, as well as books, journals and lectures.  These are some of the points you should check before submitting your work:

 ·         are all direct quotations, from both primary and secondary sources, suitably acknowledged (placed in quotation marks or indented)?

·         have you provided full details of the source of the quotation, according to the referencing convention recommended by your Institution.? 

·         have you acknowledged the source of ideas not your own, even if you are not quoting directly from the source?

·         have you avoided close paraphrase from sources? (Check that you are not presenting other people’s words or phrasing as if they are your own.)

·         if you have worked closely with others in preparing for this assessment, is the material you are presenting sufficiently your own?  





Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/19/2015 12:00 am
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