Project #88169 - Rewrite or Edit Synthesis Essay Paper

Literature Essay with Synthesis 

The essay is already written in a rough draft form. It needs editing and possible enhance to match the assignment guidelines.

I will provide material, guidelines, and essay. These guideline need to be on target what is being portrayed. 




If a character is willing to interrogate his or her own views—changes in perspective can occur., examine two characters given in my essay and consider how the individual point of views of each character defines their understanding of events or the world they inhabit.  


You may want to ask yourself the following questions: What exactly shapes, limits, or changes a character’s point of view on the world? What can individuals not see (or conversely—what is the only thing they can see) because of their experiences and point of view? How do circumstances shape our understanding of the world around us? Do external events often lead us to change our viewpoints, or does that change come mostly from within?


As the above details suggest, the  essay will need to make several moves:[1]

1.            A thesis that makes a claim or argument about both texts

2.            The development of that thesis’ argument with evidence from both stories that support the various parts of the argument:

·         Show the ways a character’s point of view changes an understanding of the world or of events.

·         Show the consequences the character’s point of view has on the individual’s actions and attitudes.

·         Show how the character’s point of view effects the way the character perceives the world or an event, and what actions arise from that point of view.

·         Note that in all cases we write “show,” meaning that you have to demonstrate your argument through textual evidence, and close-reading and interpretation of that evidence. Unsupported opinion is not adequate or successful support.

3.            A conclusion that states what the reader understands as a result of the essay’s argument and the analysis the paper has provided.


Choose 2 texts from the following:


·         A Small Place


·         “The Subordinate”


In this last essay, your thesis will be supported by evidence from two texts, chosen from the list above. (No additional texts or outside readings should be included in this assignment.) As your previous essays have required, your paper will be thesis driven using textual evidence (quotes) and close-reading interpretation of those quotes. Since this essay requires you to use two texts, you must place those texts in conversation with your thesis and each other. In other words, a paper that discusses one text, stops, and then moves to discuss the second (as if you were writing two different essays) will not be successful. Instead, write your essay using your thesis to organize your discussion and analysis. The examples from the two texts will help you make your argument as well as work together with each other.




Minimum Expectations for Structuring Your Essay:


Paragraph 1 (introductory paragraph)


  • Your introductory paragraph must introduce the text, characters, and key ideas your paper will discuss. It must lead up to a clear thesis statement (offering an argument, with a distinct point of view, not just a plot summary). It must end with a strong transition to your next paragraph.


Paragraphs 2, 3, etc. (body paragraphs—as many as needed)


  • Each body paragraph must begin with a clear topic sentence forecasting the content and argument of the paragraph. Each paragraph must make one argument that supports your thesis (broader argument). In making that one argument, you must provide textual evidence that supports your argument, and you must offer a compelling close-reading of that evidence that clearly relates to the overall argument presented in your thesis statement.


Final Paragraph (conclusion)


  • Your concluding paragraph must link the various parts of your argument into one cohesive whole. Reassert and restate your argument in new words, and indicate the broader conclusions you can draw from that argument.


Paper Requirements


  • Paper must be a minimum of 1200 words in length, not including the heading/title, plagiarism statement, running headers, footnotes or endnotes, and the works cited page
  • Paper must have an interesting and original title
  • Paper must offer a clear argument (not just a summary)
  • Paper must provide close-reading analysis of at least two passages from each of the primary texts
  • Paper must include a works cited page
  • Paper must be typed, double-spaced, written in 12-point Times or Times New Roman font, and formatted according to standard MLA style


Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/26/2015 12:00 am
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